give me some chocolate

Otherwise, I am gonna end up eating this baby cause she’s so sweet!
She has some funny out takes here and here.
I really do want some chocolate, but since I started working out, I am trying to stay away from unnecessary calories. I had chocolate in my house and I would nibble at it, maybe nibble was the wrong word, maybe more like devour it, so I kicked the chocolate out and sent it home with my two sisters. Chocolate is the one thing that is hard for me to have in moderation. I don’t think moderation and chocolate go together. Nope, definitely not.
I have spent the last two days finishing up a project and Brave and True have spent it watching tv. Oh boy! If you read my daily, you didn’t see a tv time because we don’t watch television. Though, these past two days they have and now they are asking me for YoGabbaGabba (did I even spell that right?). So this morning I will let them watch tv one last time just so I can clean up the horrendous mess that I made, but they will not see it again for a very, very long while.
Also, please forgive me if I have yet to reply to your email. I am behind, but now that I am done with my project I will get to those in the next couple of days! In addition, if you ask a question or something on a blog post, check that post as that is where I reply. Good news… I will have some goodies up in the shop very soon.
Hello Thursday! I hope you are a good day for everyone!


31 Responses to “give me some chocolate”

  1. HazeWea says:

    You have the most beautiful family!! And that picture of Soul… I can't take all the cuteness!! Love it. Hope you have a blessed day. =)

  2. lahmode says:

    Sounds good! These are such cute baby pictures : ) Will be good to show on her wedding day! But you probably don't want to think of that now….

  3. Caitlin says:

    HAHA! That is the best pic ever. :)

  4. Anna says:

    love that photo! i am the same way with chocolate. addicted.

  5. Sara says:

    Ha ha!
    remember when I asked you about Yo Gabba Gabba crown?
    NOW, you know!!!
    (its the craziest show, but it does have some life lessons that are good for kids…)

  6. How adorable! That is one of the cutest baby pictures I've ever seen!
    I can't keep a bag of candy with me, ever, because I will eat it all. So that means I never buy candy :'(

  7. Brooke Premo says:

    Oh my goodness. That picture is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!

    (Good luck with not eating chocolate. I am so bad – I have little pieces hidden all in my closet so no one else can eat my stash. It is truly tough to abstain!)

  8. I wish you good luck with the chocolate, I can't seem to stay away from it. With Easter coming the call of chocolate bunnies at the shops when I go out are calling me. BTW – your babe is lovely!

  9. loved reading your daily. dare i ask, what workout video you are doing? always looking for suggestions with one that someone is having success keeping up with…
    also, where did you get those adorable mini easels?
    what a sweet family you have!

  10. Susan says:

    ooooooh! can't wait to find out what you've been working on!

    soul is so cute! how perfect her expression is with that little moustache! ha ha ha!

    hugs to you,

  11. gret says:

    Oh that is just so adorable.

  12. Trish says:

    Super sweet! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  13. Natalie Call says:

    Oh. My. Goodness! That is the cutest baby and baby photo I have ever seen!

    I also feel the same way about chocolate and moderation. I had a chocolate bar in my desk at work so I could eat a tiny piece after lunch each day for a week. That was the plan. Ate it in one day.

  14. my almost 2 year old watches Y Gabba @ the sitters. She and I were playing blocks on Saturday, she walked away and while walking back over she sings “I so, I so Sorry” and knocks over my castle. This was part of a YGG skit about not knocking down your friends stuff. didn't work :(

  15. lesley kay says:

    oh my goodness!!! adorable little baby.

  16. this is sooo delightful, this gorgeous little girl has just made my day!

  17. melindakimbo says:

    hahahaha what a cutie!

  18. sharyl says:

    teehee! this just totally made my day! she's too cute!

  19. Fee-AMore says:

    Soul is soo adorable! This photo of hers, just make my day!

  20. Renee says:

    Oh,she is too cute! It looks like either its tickling her nose or she wants to eat the mustache. :) It actually even matches her hair. :)

  21. Haha, that's quite the baby 'stache.

  22. jen says:

    that is so cute…darling!

  23. wishful nals says:

    that photo is priceless! xo!-

  24. DaMonique says:

    HAHA! That's hilarious! And I totally agree about chocolate in moderation– just doesn't exist!

  25. euteamo says:

    That is such an adorable baby!!!!

  26. Stephanie says:

    Souls is so adorable! What cute babies you have.

  27. carissa. says:

    adorable! loving your blog!!

  28. Rubyellen says:

    jack, lucy, finn- the easels are from ikea.

    i love this photo so much too! thanks for the photo love!!!

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