It was Ben’s birthday this past Sunday. He turned 37. The first birthday I ever celebrated with him was when he turned 27! Seriously, time really goes much too fast. I was 20 and he was 27 and I thought that was old back then. It really isn’t, in fact, it is quite young! For his birthday this year, we decided to make a little book, inspired by this Eric Carle book, that would tell him of how we were going to celebrate his special day…
Papi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bday
Ben loved the book so much and I had fun making it. I used a blank board book for the book base. I painted a ton of paper with lots of different colors and textures (I had a list of the colors I needed for the book), so that I could get the Eric Carle look. Each picture was cut out of different pieces of paper and glued onto the page. The faces took the longest to make, as each color you see is its own cut out piece and all glued together. I was super excited to be able to shower him with lots of love!
Papi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bday
Papi's 37th bdayPapi's 37th bday
So just as the book dicated, he got breakfast in bed and I made him a ginormous omelet. Then, some presents, which was the book and a lunchbox, then off to church we went. After, we came home and had a cooking party where we made this recipe that we always wanted to try and these white chocolate oatmeal cookies. The best part of all, we all just spent time together, eating, relaxing, watching movies and getting cozy by the fireplace. I think that made Ben a very happy birthday boy!
My guy is a simple guy and his favorite things are handmade gifts and being with his girls! He’s got five of them after all!!! Benny, all your girls love you so, so much!!! You are the handsomest, sweetest, bestest husband and father ever! Well, not better than God of course (as True would say).


37 Responses to “PAPI, PAPI, TURNS 37!”

  1. Bailey Ana says:

    Lovely Post… Happy Birthday Ben!


  2. Happy Born Day, its amazing how time flies. In our 20s we think 30s are old reach 30s and feel like 20s was way young. Love the photos

  3. this is really awesome, ruby! i am curious what kind of paper you used to make the book and did you stitch it down the middle to create the binding?

  4. Rubyellen says:

    corynne- let me add a p.s. on how i made the book. i have a feeling some may ask.

  5. lnhwang says:

    Happy Birthday Ben!!!

    MmMm that recipe looks delicious, I'm gonna have to try it!

    SOOOO looking forward to seeing you on Monday!!


  6. CaseyWiegand says:

    im seriously obsessed with yall

  7. Rubyellen says:

    corynne- just added a blurb about it in the middle.

    ln- EXCITED to see you and meet Senna!!! yay!!!!

  8. Katie says:

    That book (and your whole birthday celebration) is just the sweetest thing ever!!

  9. kim says:

    That book is awesome! You are so talented. Happy belated to your hubbs!

  10. Jenny says:

    So amazing! Looks like a very happy birthday for everyone… how fun!

  11. Josie says:

    I love how your family celebrate life. Seems like there's a party everyday!

  12. you guys are always so creative and inspiring! i also love how close you guys are. reminds me of my family – it's four ladies and dad. :)

  13. Chris says:

    That is an awesome book. You are so creative & it's amazing that you do it with 4 gorgeous kids to boot. Very inspiring :)

  14. amazing how much effort goes into each birthday! :) its too sweet!

    happy birthday to your handsome man!

  15. Amazing, Beautiful Birthday Book! Your girls are growing up with so many wonderful memories.

  16. Sarah Joy says:

    Ohmygoodness, what a sweet & beautiful gift for your honey! You did such a great job! (I am a big fan of Eric Carle's books!) Glad it was a great birthday for him & great time together.

  17. jane says:

    love, love, love!

    -love the crown ben is wearing (and the shades, too!)
    -love how each girl in your book really resembles your girls.
    -love seeing the fruits of your homeschooling the girls in their printing of their name. :)
    -love the book! love, love, love!
    -how you find time? i know, i know, they nap like crazy long… but still!?!?!?!

    happy birthday to ben!

    p.s. we miss you over here! hopefully we will play soon?!

  18. These photos are gorgeous. Precious memories for the future.
    Happy birthday Ben!

  19. Charissa says:

    Wonderful!! Even though the book must have taken a lot of time and care, I love that you kept it simple with Ben's celebration. I need to remember to take it easy sometimes with making birthdays special!

    Also, I write a blog about gift wrapping and love the simple painted bows on the gifts. Noticed that right away!

  20. Misha Lulu says:

    Happy Birthday Ben! The book looks amazing!

  21. Silvy says:

    ruby you are the best!!! seriously!! ps happy bday ben!

  22. Mireille says:

    I really love the book you made!!!
    Happy birthday to your handsome Ben!!

  23. omg. that book. you're a genius. and you were freaking out about what to do! a genius, i tell you.

    love you

  24. sgrmse. says:

    bless you all!!! what a perfect happy little family. i'm super jealous! :D and you're right, the simplest things light the heart up and warms the soul the most. y'all are an inspiration~ ♥


  25. The Lady says:

    Very cool! Can't wait to see how you made it!

  26. Katie Rae says:

    Love the board book. You are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing. I love following your family!!!

  27. you guys are the birthday royalty–another splendid occasion to celebrate with your family!! I love all the parties and gifts that you do–very intentional to each receiver and the amount of time and hard work is apparent…SO cool to bless the ones you love with things like that!
    Sarah M

  28. you are an amazing mama with soo much talent!!

  29. you guys are adorable and so is that book! more importantly though: you are drinking newcastle brown ale! which is exciting because i live in newcastle! happy birthday from across the pond, ben :)

  30. Ana says:

    Ruby, you're such an awesome artist! What a wonderful way to celebrate his birthday!

  31. kira says:

    That book is fantastic, what an amazing gift!

  32. Rosalia says:

    that is so sweet!!! <3 luckiest papa in the world with such a loving family. :)

  33. this is so sweet! i love that book…and it's kind of funny that i just read it yesterday, so i instantly realized the connection. your book turned out beautifully and i'm sure your man appreciated the special day you gave him!

  34. Rosalind says:

    Wow – impressed you found or made time to make this!!!! Fabulous. Wishing Ben a happy belated birthday :-)

  35. astr!d says:

    that is one sexy man you have there!! pretty smile, messy hair, and a daddy of 4 girls…. whew!!!! you a lucky momma!!

  36. That book is the cutest thing ever! What a fun birthday!

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