out to school: 2/9

the big girls the big girls the big girls the big girls the big girls Looking at these pictures just make me smile. It also reminds me of how sweet and forgiving these girls are. There are many times I feel I fail as a mother. I get those sudden bursts of crazy and yet these girls still love me, and continue to shower me with hugs and kisses. We were having dinner and I was telling them next week was Thanksgiving. They got so excited because they said, “We get to celebrate being thankful!” We indeed get to celebrate being thankful and I am especially thankful for these girls of mine.



5 Responses to “out to school: 2/9”

  1. giulia says:

    they are sooooo sweet. i’d eat them up!!!

  2. “sudden bursts of crazy”. such an accurate description of the sometimes not-too-pretty side of motherhood. i feel ya.
    thank goodness that children are so quick to forgive. hopefully our bursts of crazy will become less and less frequent as we grow as mothers (with God’s help only, i’m sure!).

  3. They are adorable. And I am sure that you are a wonderful mom. Your love pours from these pages. And that’s all that really matters. xx

  4. Colleen says:

    “sudden bursts of crazy” – thank you for your honesty, glad I’m not the only one because sometimes in the blogosphere I feel like I am :)

  5. What a wonderful thing to celebrate too!!

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