popping back in

hello Hi friends! I’ve missed this space, but I think it was a good and necessary silence that was right for me and my heart.  I just wanted to say hello and pop back in real quick before the calendar changes to 2013. I will be back to my regular posting afterwards and I have lots to recap on. Ben’s been home, which totally helps my sanity , and the girls have been having a blast with their Christmas surprises.

It’s nice and cold here in Southern California and I am loving every bit of it. I even finally finished crocheting a scarf I started last winter, it never got cold enough last year to finish it, but with the cold we are currently experiencing here (well, it’s cold for us!), I figured it was the perfect time to add those last couple lines in.

Happy New Years Friends!!!



11 Responses to “popping back in”

  1. kelly says:

    Finally finish my knittings (4 yuhhh) is one of my goals for 2013 ^_^
    have a nice last 2O12 day
    best wishes for tonight & enjoy your lovely girls


  2. Kitty says:

    =] welcome back! Hope you and your girls had a wonderful Christmas – and a happy new year to all the family

    Kitty x

  3. Welcome back, I wish you and great New Years Eve.
    PS : I’ve missed your posts !

  4. giulia says:

    nice to see you again!

  5. Bethany says:

    Happy New Year Bratcher Family!!! I hope this one is a great one! ;)

  6. Took some time for silence as well and it was necessary, difficult and glorious.
    Glad to see you and look forward to what you share with us, this upcoming year.

  7. sgrmse. says:

    haven’t been here in a while.. just thought i’d pop round to say HAPPY 2013, momma cakie. you’re gorgeous as ever and i do hope your family is keeping well.

  8. Mademoiselle Pépin says:

    Bonne année de France ! :)

  9. Jennifer says:

    We missed you too!

  10. melody says:

    love this picture!! <3

  11. Brittany says:

    It’s nice to see you! Happiest New Year to you!


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