our little christmas makings

christmas decor christmas decor We made a wreath. Just used some tree scraps from Lowes that they let me have for free! Free is always nice.

christmas decor christmas decor christmas decor We made some little trees. Using those same free tree scraps and some vintage thread, the girls made trees for their own little forest.

christmas decor christmas decor We made little (toothpick) stars. Inspired by this pin.

christmas decor christmas decor We painted some pinecones. Took a few coats of spray paint (and let it air out for days).

These are just some simple little projects we have done for Christmas; they didn’t take too long, but satisfied that holiday making itch. I added a little strand of string to the pinecones and stars and they make perfect ornaments. There’s so much going on between the girls’ school, extra activities, getting ready for Christmas, baking for gifts, and life in general that this saying pretty much sums up what I’m feeling right about now. We have a couple more days until things calm down a bit, we are definitely ready for Christmas break!



3 Responses to “our little christmas makings”

  1. Caitlin says:

    oh how precious! i love all of your little crafts.

  2. tRiSh says:

    such neat little projects!

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