focus: having moments of clarity

watercolor watercolor watercolor watercolor watercolor watercolor Clarity. That word has been speaking to me this week. Clarity on how I want our family to be, clarity in how money and time is spent, and my moments of clarity list can go on. If you aren’t keeping your goal clearly in mind, life will pass you by, and you’ll spend a whole lot of regret later. At least that’s what I think for me. I’ve asked the girls this week what they like and what they think should be happening at home. They said, “We want to hang out!” I thought their response was hilarious and so honest, so we’re working on more hanging out. I mean we’re always together, but I feel like I’m always doing something for them from cooking to teaching to changing to cleaning to chauffeuring that I really do need to just hang out with them. I want to see clearly what my goals are and what my girls want, so that in the midst of the blur of our days, they’re getting what they need most from me, which is me.

I’ve felt my heart tugged in lots of different directions (distractions) this week, but I need to remember all the girls want and need is me. I’ve got to give them that while they still want it. The truth is one day they’ll probably be over me (I’ll totally be yesterday’s news), so I better enjoy it now or I’ll be kicking myself in the rear end later.

I’m guessing my thoughts have just been relating to my word for the year of focus.



5 Responses to “focus: having moments of clarity”

  1. Briseidy says:

    so true! “being together” has to be more than just be in the same room right?
    hope you have a great weekend hanging out with your family ;)

  2. Frédérique says:

    I completely see what you mean! This book helped me a lot:

  3. Might look a bit messy but I know, this is wonderful I have my daughter who just started painting, and boy does she love painting. She even paints on our wall. It’s crazy and messy, but I love her work.

  4. Amy says:

    I just absolutely love love love their answer.

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