our last date of 2013

texas christmas 2013 texas christmas 2013 texas christmas 2013 texas christmas 2013 texas christmas 2013 texas christmas 2013 texas christmas 2013 texas christmas 2013 texas christmas 2013 Let’s rewind a bit to last year… when we’re in San Antonio, we try to get away and spend a day together in Austin. It’s a little over an hour away, so it’s not that far, especially for us Southern California folk who are used to driving around town (and in traffic) to get from one place to another. We stopped into Uncommon Objects first, then headed over to some vintage shops nearby. This visit we were hoping to find some shirts for Ben, I’m not in need of anything, so I stayed away from looking because I know I can easily get weak in the knees for something. Sure enough, I did just a teensy bit of poking about in the jewelry section and found a vintage ring that I really wanted, but didn’t get because well, it wasn’t in the budget for the month. We visited about 5 shops and he only found 1 shirt, our guess is the day after Christmas isn’t the ideal time to go shopping. It seems everything was already majorly picked through… oh well!

We had plans to eat at Swift’s Attic for lunch, but by the time we headed there, we realized lunch just ended, so we headed to Torchy’s Tacos instead. The tacos were yummy and their sauces were absolutely delicious. I want to try to recreate them at home! It was just a lovely afternoon out together. With kids and all, it’s hard to find time and a babysitter to get away for a day, so anytime we do get this time, we try to enjoy it as much as possible and do as much hand holding as we can. When the little ones are in tow, we’re holding their hands instead of each other’s, so it’s always so weird and nice when we are able to hold hands. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I’m so thankful for this afternoon to get to spend time together. He’s my favorite and I can’t wait for all the adventures the both of us will embark on (with kids in tow) this new year!



7 Responses to “our last date of 2013”

  1. SarahK says:

    Your jacket is amazing. Where is it from? Effortlessly chic as always! Xx

  2. lin says:

    THOSE TACOS!!!!!

  3. Georgette says:

    You guys are adorable! I love seeing your date adventures! I see Brave in your hubbys face..shes his little twin:)

  4. Oh you make me dream of sweet weather…. it’s damn cold in my town!! – 30…

  5. Gina says:

    My husband and I had our first baby a little over 4 months ago. It has been amazing, but we are really looking forward to having a date night, because it’s definitely hard to find the time for just each other! I imagine it’s near impossible with four little ones! Your date day looks adorable. Glad you had fun.




  6. Lita says:

    You two look so very much in love and adorable together!
    It makes me happy to see happy couples together :)

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