camp home: clothespin paper doll

clothespin paper dolls Clothespin Paper Dolls

Clothespin Paper Doll Template (best printed out on card stock)
6 spring clothespins (I used 2 1/4″ clothespins)
Paint & paintbrush

Color the paper dolls and cut out. Paint one side (or both sides) of the clothespins (2 per doll) and allow to dry completely. Glue the shoes onto the tip of the arm of the clothespin. Insert the doll into the pair of jaws on the clothespin, and there you have your clothespin paper doll.

clothespin paper dolls clothespin paper dolls clothespin paper dolls clothespin paper dolls clothespin paper dolls It’s summer, well, not officially, but some kids are already out of school and ready to begin the summer fun. “Camp Home” will be a series of projects kids can do with things you might already have around the house (or won’t be that difficult to run out and get). My goal is to share a project a week and I will try my darnedest to stick to it throughout the summer. The girls and I made these on Friday, but they are already wanting to make more; I see a larger clothespin doll family in our future!

What are some of your go-to summer projects to do with kids?




10 Responses to “camp home: clothespin paper doll”

  1. Danica says:

    Yay! No sewing involved! (Wink) I could totally see me making these with my little students. So fun! I love that you used to be a teacher (read that in the lets see together book). No wonder I can relate to you so much! Love love love this site more and more. Such a positive place where I feel inspired but yet not inadequate. Does that mKe sense? Anyhow, if you’re not too busy with your munchkins today…at 8:00 I’m sharing about your book party last Saturday…go take a look ruby!

    Love, Danica

  2. frédérique says:

    Such a smart idea! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lisa renata says:

    So adorable will totally make with my kiddos. I might add some little pets for them to play with too!!!

  4. ana says:

    I love this! I don’t find the need to put my girls in camp since I don’t work and most are super expensive, so why not make my own camp at home! Great idea Ruby!

  5. Hilke says:

    Nice people in the house!

  6. Very cute! If we use those mini craft pegs, these figures would be perfect for our miniature gardens project here:

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