simple brown paper packages and vintage fabric scraps

simple wrapped presents simple wrapped presents simple wrapped presents simple wrapped presents Our presents are wrapped up in simple brown paper and string, but I also included some bits of vintage fabric and other embellishments. I used some smaller crochet pieces, and cut pieces from old table cloths and handkerchiefs. As much as I love brown paper packages tied up with string, I think they still needed a little something extra. Plus, now I think they match a bit with our crochet tree skirt (it’s really just a crochet tablecloth wrapped around the bottom).

I’m a simple gift wrapper. I would love to be able to paint paper and do other pretty present toppers, and get all super fancy with my present wrapping, but this lady ain’t got no time for that. Know what I’m saying?!




5 Responses to “simple brown paper packages and vintage fabric scraps”

  1. Oooooh, those stitched details! I love this — thank you for sharing!

  2. VĂ©nusia says:

    Superb ! I LOVE Craft paper. My husband and I only use craft paper for wrapping… I’m slowly trying to convince the kids, that Walt Disney gift bags, are slowly going to disappear from our House. I really like the idea of vintage fabric for “embellishing” the gifts !!!

  3. patty peters says:

    YEAH! I have done the same thing for years! It is wonderful to have the little ones draw on there our gifts / or each others. This year I added some feathers and glitter. Gifting is so much fun!

  4. It seems to be the trend this year to do brown paper with bits of vintage things or scraps of ribbon, and I love it! I have always done brown paper; I love the way it looks, and how you can dress it up any way you like. Your gifts are so pretty!

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