our painted family portrait // true

We worked on a painted family portrait, and we each painted ourselves. Actually, I drew papi, and Brave drew mommy. At first, we painted the giant canvas white and gray. Next, we layered over it with different shades of pink and white. Then, we painted ourselves like a shadow in pink. Finally, we painted our faces and our bodies in black. Glow made herself happy! We thought it was so exciting to paint a family portrait. Everybody ended up looking a little funny! – True



5 Responses to “our painted family portrait // true”

  1. Frédérique says:

    Very cool!

    • Rubyellen says:

      I agree! Our plan is to paint over it yearly and let them draw a new one each year. It will be fun to see how their drawings change through the years.

  2. she looks like she worked so hard on it and did a great job indeed!

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