my last five year old

My baby is five! FIVE! How did that go so fast?!

I’m out of town, but we did a party for her before I left, and I’m sure she will be spoiled by her Papi and her sisters today too. She wanted a drawing birthday with balloons, so that’s exactly what got (see a peek here, will share a post soon).

Happy Birthday dear Glow! We love seeing your personality shine more and more. We love you!

If you’re curious, you can read my hypnobirthing experience with Glow here and here. I had done the epidural for the big three, but wanted to do something different for my last one.



5 Responses to “my last five year old”

  1. Heather says:

    Wow she’s so pretty. I remember following your blog when she was barely 2 and watching that youngest kid sass come about. You do a great job

  2. uhhh weren’t you just pregnant with her yesterday? My word. I mean. . .I remember your birthing story for her. That really went fast. Hope she had a great birthday.

  3. bekkah says:

    happy birthday to Glow! Her hair color is really pretty :]

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