sweet 35th birthday things

The birthday tradition is breakfast in bed for the celebrant with whatever it is they request. Well, I wanted my usual cup of milk, with 1 scoop or protein and peanut butter powder, plus 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. It may sound boring, but it’s my favorite breakfast. Along with my simple breakfast, my family gave me a couple other little treats. They gave me a box full of kid made jewelry (rings and yarn necklaces), along with chocolates to snack on while I spent my day in bed, and Wicked on vinyl. I think my favorite was how they decorated the box!

My only birthday request, besides my specific dinner requests, was to spend a couple days in bed doing nothing. Ben was home to take care of the girls and everything else, so I got caught up on some shows and read a book. I was also able to work on some hand-sewing projects. I love (and appreciate) having a couple days to do nothing. I’m always in go-mode, so it’s nice to stop and take a day off sometimes.

Before lunch, the girls came in my bedroom to surprise me with a show. It was complete with props, outfit changes, memorized poems, choreography, big bundles of cuteness, and a lot of laughs. It was the best “Happy Birthday Mommy Show” ever!

When we started dating, Ben gave me this “1000 Things I love About You” book, with the intent to keep writing in it throughout our entire lives. He redid the whole book a few years back into this antique French journal, so for my birthday, he added more sweet things into it. We are up to reason #55, so he still has a long while to go until a thousand, but Lord willing, we have a long life, so there’s plenty of time. He fills this in on random days, not just birthdays, but he was a little behind (maybe really behind), so he got caught up for my 35th birthday.

To spoil me even more, the girls gave me more handmade gifts… a little paper box to hold my nail polish, a personalized notebook, and a homesewn bag. It was a pretty simple and laid-back birthday, just like I requested, and it was the best way to usher in my 35th year of life!



5 Responses to “sweet 35th birthday things”

  1. Really sweet. They go all out trying to make your day special for you!!! That is really sweet!! Mine sing for me first thing in the morning (all excited-like) and that’s it. haha. . . . but I don’t mind. :)
    Glad your 35th was grand!!

  2. Rosalind says:

    Happy Belated Birthday xx

  3. Nellie says:

    Happy belated birthday. You are so blessed with this wonderful family. Your gifts makes me smile. How thoughtful they are.

  4. sgrmse. says:

    that journal has to be the best gift ever!

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