gold glitter star garland

Gold Glitter Star Garland

Corrugated cardboard (we recycled a shipping box)
Gold glitter
Plastic needle

Draw stars in various sizes on cardboard and cut out (cutting out cardboard is tough for kids, so I had to do it). Pour some glue on a paper plate, paint one side of the star with glue. Then, generously sprinkle on the glitter. Repeat for every star. Allow stars to dry completely. Using a plastic needle, string through the opening of the corrugated cardboard.

We love the statement this star garland makes. It’s real shimmery in person, but that doesn’t translate in pictures. If you want to omit the glitter mess (glitter always makes a mess), use glitter glue instead. The girls are mini makers and love any opportunity to make Christmas decorations. This year, they are even the ones who decorated the tree! I love giving them reigns to decorate as they please. Sometimes, I do have to coral them in a bit because they can go crazy, but I love seeing them take joy in making things for our home and each other (even if the making mess doesn’t drive me a little bit batty). I love making crafts with the kids because it means we are also making memories!

This post is part of the Michaels Makers Series. Looking for more holiday inspiration? Make sure you visit Michaels’ blog, The Glue String, to see the rest of the Michaels Makers’ DIY holiday project ideas.

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7 Responses to “gold glitter star garland”

  1. Delia says:

    I love that your girls were involved. It turned out so beautiful!

  2. Charmaine Ng says:

    This is a great DIY to make as an adult as well. I love how the stars aren’t perfectly shaped. They look so much better that way.
    - Charmaine

  3. Samantha Lee says:

    This is so beautiful! I’ve been searching for an easy Christmas craft to try, and I think this one fits the bill! <3

  4. Love the garland but then realized I also fell in love with your chair! can you give me the details on that lovely chair?

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