mom day 2017

We had a family picnic for my mom on Mother’s Day. It beats the crowds and long waits at restaurants. Plus, picnics seem sweeter and more intimate. We really ought to picnic more often. My siblings and I divided up what to bring, so our feast included bahn mi sandwiches, sweet breads, chips, cookies, and drinks (all my mom’s favorite types). There was no shortage of deliciousness for our Mother’s Day celebration. My grandma ended up coming too, so it was definitely special to celebrate the 3 generations of moms in our family. When we got home, Ben and the girls sent me to my room, and told me to watch something and put my headphones on. I happily obliged. Later, they came in showering me with homemade gifts/cards, a pot and plant (read the story behind it here), sushi in bed for dinner, and a hilarious song (see below). I was laughing so hard at the silly song they (Ben) made.

Our days are chaos, there’s a lot of fighting, but there is joy and abounding grace. Each day is a trial and sometimes we fail, and sometimes it’s good. This life, is totally undeserving, and it is all about grace. Motherhood is all about grace. I love this family and mine, and I’m thankful for the grace we need and experience daily, which flows only through Jesus on the cross.







9 Responses to “mom day 2017”

  1. janis higuera says:

    how wonderful of them! hope you had a lovely mother’s day ruby! <3, Janis

  2. looks like a wonderful day! do you mean Mom Day 2017? :) I especially appreciate what you wrote here, “Motherhood is all about grace… I’m thankful for the grace we need and experience daily, which flows only through Jesus on the cross.” lately I’ve been seeing again just how weak I am and in need of Jesus in the day to day.

  3. The video. hehehehehehehehehe
    They all look dressed like you!

  4. p.s. do you whiten your teeth and if so, what do you use? :)

  5. you do not look like you need to- your teeth are so white already! :)

  6. Frédérique says:

    Happy belated Mother’s Day Ruby! I started reading you as I was expecting my first and you were expecting your third. You are an incredibly caring, and hard working Mom, you were a real inspiration then and you are still an inspiration now! xoxo

  7. linda says:

    my oh my that lady is mean!!!!!!!!! hahahha

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