summer of swim

We are so thankful that Ben’s cousin’s have a pool and it’s pretty much at our disposal anytime we want (and they spoil them with big fun floaties and water toys). Thus, we’ve been taking full advantage of it! The girls are all great swimmers, so it’s nice that I don’t have to worry so much about them. I’m not much of  in the pool person (and I’m not a very good swimmer), so I would much rather lounge by the pool. While the girls swim, I read books, catch up on emails, and when it gets to hot, I’ll sit on the edge and soak my legs and feet. If the girls had it their way, we’d be at their house every single day, but I have to remind them that I have other responsibilities to tend to, so we can’t be there all day every day. Oh to be a kid again!




3 Responses to “summer of swim”

  1. Frédérique says:

    Isn’t it the best? We also have a pool we can use whenever and it is so relaxing for all of us: they get great exercise and fun from it and I can relax wile keeping an eye on them! Water definitely is the element of Summer! ENJOY!

  2. Oh man. I wish I had a cousin with a pool That is great that you have that available to you! Looks so relaxing and fun!

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