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Ben and I have been thinking (and talking) a lot about how we’re investing our time. So much of what we do is just here on this earth stuff, doesn’t really go anywhere. This Sunday’s sermon encouraged and reminded us to keep investing our lives more. Not because it’s in the doing that we gain favor from God, but it’s because that’s what we are called to do. I have been saved by God for good works, not good works saved me for God. The order is very important, if put in any other order, the outcome is detrimental to the soul. PJ encouraged us to “sacrifice our lesser joys for greater joys.” It was like those words went BOOM! in my head and heart. Makes sense, but sometimes so hard to do when mixed all up in my selfishness, but by God’s grace, I’m asking God to help me see and do that.

I needed to hear that. Honestly, I need reminders weekly, that’s why gathering with our church fam on Sunday is so important. And I need reminders during the week too, that’s why I meet up with friends and neighbors to read the Bible is so important. When I’m in the grind of daily life, I forget to have an eternal perspective. Sometimes (a lot of times) my eternity lenses fall off and all I see is the here and now.

Then the verse Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” was another BOOM because even though I used to claim that as my life verse, I didn’t fully grasp it.

It wasn’t meant to spur me to do whatever I set my mind too because God is on my side. Nope. It speaks that Christ strengthens me in all circumstances, whether I have little or much, in mess ups and victories, when I’m feeling down or as high as a kite, I think you get the picture. Actually, that verse points more to my contentment in Christ rather than my ability to trust Christ to help me do what I want. So my contentment lately? Oh it’s been a bit more in the fail section. But that verse was another encouragement and rebuke to my heart. God keeps dropping me little gold nuggets of Himself and His word to chew, wrestle, and treasure.



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  1. Love when those BOOM moments happen from God! :)
    It is nice that we are always learning and growing.

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