wool & flora crown

Wool & Flora Crown Supplies: Bunch of faux flowers Raffia covered wire Wire cutter Scissors Twine (ribbon) Yarn Directions: 1. Measure the wire around the head, add a couple inches to each end (so they can overlap when connected), and cut wire. Cut out short stems of the flowers, bunch them together, and tie onto desired spot on the wire using a 8″ strand of twine/ribbon. Continue to add flowers onto the wire until desired fullness. Tie the twine/ribbon throughout ...


korean bbq birthday for my mom

My mom is the queen of hospitality. It is her gift, she excels in it, and she is always serving others. You see Jesus in how she lovingly serves people… family, friends, even strangers! For her birthday this year, siblings and I planned a little feast to celebrate and serve her. We didn’t want her to do anything, so we divided up the responsibilities and costs (we are all adults now, so it’s about time everyone chipped in) to put ...


july fourth star crown

July Fourth Star Crown get in the holiday spirit with this 5 minute project Supplies: Star decorative wire garland Curling ribbon Scissors Directions: 1. To measure, wrap around the head of the child to a size that would be comfortable. Wrap garland around a few times and cut. Twist wire ends around the wires on the crown to secure in place. 2. Cut about 3 strands of curling ribbon in desired length. Gather the strands together and Lark’s head knot ...


fourth of july crafts with family fun magazine

I did some craft styling a couple months ago for this month’s issue of Family Fun Magazine. If you still need some craft and decoration ideas for July 4th, I suggest picking up a copy of the magazine. A lot of the ideas are pretty simple with things you already have lying around the house. Use some Christmas tinsel to make supersize stars (I get my tinsel from Christmas Central), make a giant flag from fabric scraps, throw a lip ...



This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness… Thankful for an adventure out with my girls to get ice cream. We celebrated the end of testing. Woot! The end of the school year is near. Dana’s Bakery sent over these sassy and delicious macarons. Their flavor of the month is churro… I need me some churro macarons! They came shipped from NYC and they were still fresh and kept well in the fridge. With graduation time upon us, I think this inspiration ...


tulle crown and feather wand

Tulle Crown and Feather Wand Supplies: Headband Lace ribbon Tulle Scissors Glue gun and glue stick 12″ dowel Assorted ribbons Assorted feathers Directions for the crown: Wrap entire headband with lace ribbon; glue as you go to secure ribbon in place. Cut out seven 10″ long pieces of tulle and Lark’s head knot each one onto the headband. Cut a 5″ piece of lace and create a small fan and glue that onto the front of the tulle. Trim tulle ...


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