#sevendaysinsingapore #sevendaysinsingapore #sevendaysinsingapore Our time here in Singapore is coming to an end soon. We miss the girls and can’t wait to see them, but we will definitely miss this unique country. I think a lot of people (other countries) could learn a thing or two from this place.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I’m very thankful and so honored for this opportunity to be here in Singapore, meet Singaporeans, and get to work with the Bloesem team! It’s really been such an awesome visit!

Um, s’mores cake?! Yes, please!

I want to make these plant hangers!

My favorite dessert I’ve had this week is ondeh ondeh and I wish I could bring a whole bunch back with me. I may have to try my hand at this recipe.

I’ve been sharing snaps of my trip on instagram here (#sevendaysinsingapore). We’ve been so in awe of everything, and once I get home, I will have massive photo filled posts to share from everything we saw and ate (oh the food!) in Singapore. Get ready…



best friends day!

bff day! bff day! bff day! bff day! bff day! Coincidentally, the BFF and I had planned to go on a double date this past Sunday, which happened to also be National Best Friend Day! I had no clue there was such a day until that morning while checking instagram, so I guess it was appropriate that we had something planned that afternoon. We went out for sushi at Kanpai and oh. my. gosh. It’s the best sushi I (and Ben) have ever had! The scallops and uni were my fave, and the ramen was awe-mazing, I’ve been craving it everyday since!

bff day! bff day! Linda and I met while I was working at the Gap (I worked here throughout college and met Ben here too!), and she was a new hire. It was an instant friendship and we discovered she was the Korean version of me, and I was the Filipino version of her. We’re both pretty square, went to the same college and had the same major, went to the same hair stylist, and all these other random (and strange) things that were oddly similar. After that, we started planning all our classes together, then we went off to study abroad together, and we were pretty much inseparable. All our roommates would joke that we were RubyandLinda, with no space between our names. We’ve helped each other through break ups from our previous boyfriends, and all the highs from getting romanced by our new boyfriends to engagements and weddings, and so on. There are also things we never imagined we’d face now that we’re “grown-up” and we’ve just gotten closer as the years go by, and our friendship has become even more Christ-centered, though we still do often talk about useless things like shopping. We’ve only had 1 official fight from over 10 years of friendship, and our husbands think we talk way too loud when we’re together. Funny thing is our husbands are so much alike too; we say they’re wanna-be BFFs. Linda and John are like a second set of parents to my girls, and sometimes I think they prefer them over us. At least I know Soul does, and she says it’s because Auntie Linda doesn’t get mad. HA! The other day, I was hugging Soul and asked, “Who do you look like?” She said, “You and Auntie Linda.” Clearly, Auntie Linda is quite loved.

I’m thankful for the best friendship Ben and I share with Linda (and John). We do a lot of sharing each others joys and bearing each other’s burdens and they’ve taught me so much about generosity and selflessness. Anyway, when we’re together we’re still as silly as we were back in college, except now our jokes are about needing rogaine for women and neck cream. Thanks BFF (and John) for the wonderful lunch date!!! I’ve been craving scallops and ramen everyday since!  

I had a best friend contest on my instagram a couple weeks back (see here), and I loved reading all the wonderful things people were sharing about their BFFs. I think we should let the ones we love know why it is we appreciate them so much. On Sunday, at our church family gathering, I was convicted on how much I need to love and pray for those who annoy me (less than a handful of people came to my mind). It’s easy to love people we like, but we also ought to love people we don’t like so much too. I was totally convicted.

By the way, we tried to get John and Ben to jump for a picture too, but they weren’t too keen on that idea. I guess it would be weird to have them jumping together. LOL.

on me: shirt, vintage from mikasa su casa. patchwork boyfriend jeans, old navy. shoes, kohl’s (3 years ago). bag, thrifted.



animals animals animals animals animals animals animals animals I love having season passes to the Safari Park (and San Diego Zoo) because we don’t feel the rush to see everything in one day and we just go at our own leisurely pace. We wanted to see the butterfly exhibit, and it was on it’s last day, but the line was 2 hours to get in (insane!), so we all agreed we didn’t want to wait two hours and just headed to Freebirds for dinner. The L.A. Natural History Museum currently has a similar butterfly exhibit going on, with a much shorter wait time based on past experiences, so we will plan to take the girls to that instead.

I’m thankful it’s Friday and while I wanted to share Mother’s Day projects here, I just never got around to it. We were able to shower my mom with something last weekend and we mailed off a little something to Ben’s mom during the week, so we got the moms in our lives covered. All my Mother’s Day request have to do with food and I can’t wait to fill my stomach with waffles, sopes, and pie. Calories don’t count on special days, right?!

Tomorrow we will be working in the garden. We finally have all our Cor-ten steel garden beds in, they are all filled with dirt, and now it’s time to get planting. I will have to show you the latest transformation, and it feels like we are always changing something back there, but I think we’re getting closet to where we want the garden to be. Well, hopefully.

My brain has been all over the place this week, so you get me talking about the zoo, then Mother’s Day, then the garden. Anyone else have a scatterbrained week?

P.S. Giraffe and Lion are wearing goodies from Misha Lulu’s spring/summer line. Snow Leopard’s dress is handmade, see here.



wondercon goodies

wonder-con wonder-con Ben took the girls to WonderCon a couple weekends ago and it was their first time going to something like that. My girls are really into comics, especially Spider-Man, so they were so excited to be able to go. Of course, they dug up their costumes to get dressed up and they came home with plenty of pictures of other characters they took pictures with, and two people even asked Soul even they could take pictures with her!

Ben got each girl a little treat to commemorate their adventure that day, and each treat represented each character they were dressed as. Soul got this cute little Pinkie Pie by Funko, and True and Brave got these two little prints from the artist Christopher Lee. After they came home, Ben wished he picked up one he saw for me, so he called his cousin, who was still there, and he picked up the print for us. It’s this Kids on Modern Classics print by Christopher Lee. I love midcentury modern chairs (and have a few), so how funny (and sort of true) is this illustration.  This Master of the Universe Compendium poster is pretty great too, and I know the kids would love it because they love He-Man and She-Ra. We had fun looking Christopher Lee’s site and loving all his work (check it out here); his illustrations are just so cool and fun.  We love finding new artists to love and follow!


plant picking with just the littlest ones

plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting plant hunting The two big girls went and had their first kid sleepover with some kids from our church family, so after church one Sunday, we bid them farewell, and it was just Ben, me, and the two littlest. I know it’s hard when you have your first kid, and it’s hard to figure out the juggling when you add your second one, but after being a mom to 4 for a couple of years now, when it’s just two (no matter the combo), it is so much easier! Since our car load was lighter, Ben and I took the girls to a local nursery to pick out more plants (yes, more!). Ben was in search of a peach tree and I was looking for more indoor plants.

Glow and Soul were all about exploring up and down the aisles, and fighting about who gets to push/pull the wagon. It is so interesting when True and Brave aren’t around because you really see the big sister come out of Soul. She’s the one showing Glow the ropes and doing all the bossy-ing around. Soul also desperately misses Brave and True when they aren’t here, and will constantly inquire about their return. I think it’s so ironic because when they’re here, she is always fighting with them, especially with Brave. As much as they were missed, I’m glad my biggest girls were able to go on their first sleepover, and they came home with stories about how much fun they had!

on me: dress, handmade (see here). shoes, lotta from stockholm. bag, humble hilo. on true: dress and shoes, old navy. scarf, made by her friend. on brave: shirt, misha lulu. pants, frankie and sue. shoes, gap kids. scarf, made by her friend. on soul: dress, vintage. shirt, c/o panache box. leggings, aa. shoes, totally hand me downs. on glow: dress, vintage. shoes, c/o old navy.




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