sweet 35th birthday things

The birthday tradition is breakfast in bed for the celebrant with whatever it is they request. Well, I wanted my usual cup of milk, with 1 scoop or protein and peanut butter powder, plus 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. It may sound boring, but it’s my favorite breakfast. Along with my simple breakfast, my family gave me a couple other little treats. They gave me a box full of kid made jewelry (rings and yarn necklaces), along with chocolates to snack on while I spent my day in bed, and Wicked on vinyl. I think my favorite was how they decorated the box!

My only birthday request, besides my specific dinner requests, was to spend a couple days in bed doing nothing. Ben was home to take care of the girls and everything else, so I got caught up on some shows and read a book. I was also able to work on some hand-sewing projects. I love (and appreciate) having a couple days to do nothing. I’m always in go-mode, so it’s nice to stop and take a day off sometimes.

Before lunch, the girls came in my bedroom to surprise me with a show. It was complete with props, outfit changes, memorized poems, choreography, big bundles of cuteness, and a lot of laughs. It was the best “Happy Birthday Mommy Show” ever!

When we started dating, Ben gave me this “1000 Things I love About You” book, with the intent to keep writing in it throughout our entire lives. He redid the whole book a few years back into this antique French journal, so for my birthday, he added more sweet things into it. We are up to reason #55, so he still has a long while to go until a thousand, but Lord willing, we have a long life, so there’s plenty of time. He fills this in on random days, not just birthdays, but he was a little behind (maybe really behind), so he got caught up for my 35th birthday.

To spoil me even more, the girls gave me more handmade gifts… a little paper box to hold my nail polish, a personalized notebook, and a homesewn bag. It was a pretty simple and laid-back birthday, just like I requested, and it was the best way to usher in my 35th year of life!


cutthroat kitchen: bratcher edition

After Halloween last year, True decided that she wanted to be Alton Brown for the next Halloween. The other 3 decided after watching Star Wars Episode VII. True and Brave blended the two ideas together and came up with Cutthroat Kitchen: Bratcher Edition.

We are huge Cutthroat Kitchen fans, so they were so excited to bring one of their favorite shows to life. We even had some arguments because they wanted to film a full 1 and half hour episode (each cooking time is 30 minutes). Obviously, they cut it down a bit. What you see here is completely planned by them. They wrote a script, True directed (my sister filmed and edited the video together), and they would even practice for it! I just came in to do my “judging” and I was having a hard time keeping a straight face as I played along.

The girls are so proud of their episode (Ben and I are too!), so we hope you enjoy it!

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Happy Halloween friends!

video filmed and edited by: Reinna Sherie


back to back halloween parties

We had a very full weekend. On Friday night, we had a pumpkin carving/decorating party with friends and neighbors. It was fun to see all the neighborhood kids (and adults) dressed up in their costumes. There were 11 pumpkins carved and 26 mini pumpkins decorated. I think I want to make this an annual neighborhood thing. Everyone brought something to share, so there was food galore. It’s been such a blessing to get out of house and get to know those who live around us.

Saturday night, we headed to L.A. for the Dream Halloween event for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which was sponsored by Michaels. I went as the Michaels’ correspondent and shared all about the event on their Instagram stories. The girls had fun going from craft station to craft station, and they came home with large goodie bags filled with stuff. I came home stuffed with dessert from all the sweets that was getting passed around.

The girls each chose their own costume and they even created a story to go along with it. We filmed the little story earlier today, so we will have it ready to share on Halloween. I will have a tutorial post up this week on how I made my costume (mine is fast), and another to discuss how I made Glow’s (hers takes about a week).

I’m so glad all our costumes are done and now I can relax a bit. I even picked up a new little craft, so I’ve been kind of obsessed with that lately. I’ll share what that is once I have my first project completely done.


past halloween projects

cat eyes garland

yarn wrapped boo sign

bat mobile

bat garland boo banner

Here are some past Halloween projects we’ve done in our home. We have a couple ideas of things we want to make for this year, so if we end up having time for it, we will be sure to share. I’m hoping we get to make one of them tomorrow, but we have to get school done first, and one more costume to finish. What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for Halloween?


glow’s 5th birthday breakfast in bed

I think I’m going to get kicked out of birthday breakfast duty because Ben totally knocked it out of the park for Glow’s 5th birthday. I was at the Michaels Makers Summit on her birthday, (we celebrated right before I left) and based on what Ben produced, I think he should be taking over blog duties.

Clearly, you can see that Glow very much loved her little spread. Of course, her favorite part was Yoda made from a pear. A PEAR! My man has skillz. Yes, with a z. I had no clue what he was going to do and when I got his text in the morning, I was in awe. He’ll never say it, but he is one creative dude, and with the busyness of life, I rarely get to see him exercise his creativity. Maybe I need to go on trips more often because clearly he can definitely do this Mr. Mom gig (it just may take him longer to get things done).

Our new five year old was quite a chipper gal with her stack of pancakes, fancy cereal, and Yoda.

How to make Yoda with a Bartlett pear:
With a paring knife, cut out the nose and reattach; carve a spaceholder to insert a “stem smile;” use dried black eyed peas for the eyes; and harvest the ears from another pear before inserting them into the head with toothpicks (we were out of toothpicks so used the ends of wooden skewers). Done.



glow turns five

My littlest love turned five last week and we celebrated with a simple birthday party. Her requests were balloons, drawing party, and a scooter. Thus, it was a Friday night party in our bedroom. I made a poster and got an engineering print of it made at a local copy shop, picked up some multi-colored balloons from Michaels and taped them all around the bed (the packaging said nothing about mustache faces on them, but we rolled with it), and I made a little drawing book for her and her sisters. We had birthday cake, pizza, everyone drew in their little book, and we surprised her with a green scooter (green is her favorite color because of Yoda). Of course, her sisters had a bunch of homemade presents for her too.

Ever since last Easter, when we gave her this little drawing book, she has loved to draw. She will even tell you that that book is what got her to love drawing. I made my own version of it in Adobe Illustrator, and tried to imitate the style of the Bunny Doodle one, so she would make the connection. She was so giddy when we gave her the drawing book, and I made 3 more for her to give to her sisters too. They spent the evening drawing in that little doodle book and they are having fun with “32 Ways to Dress Glow.” I’ll share more of their drawings in the book soon.

We actually had the party a few days before her actual birthday because I was going to be out of town for the Michaels Makers Summit, but she was okay with it because she had two days to celebrate. Ben took all the girls out for an adventure on her birthday, and the breakfast he made for her was impressive (I’ll have to share soon!). I think Glow’s birthday dreams came true and this sweet celebration is exactly what our last five year old wanted. We love you Glow!


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