it’s book release day… I have a fun video and giveaway for you!

HOLLA! It’s finally May 20th! Oh, I’ve been only waiting for this day for, like, two years! The book process is long (I’ll share more about it tomorrow Thursday, sorry we got busy celebrating by relaxing), but I’m finally excited to announce that Let’s Sew Together is officially out! If you’ve pre-ordered it, you should get it within the next couple of days (or maybe today!), and hopefully it will start popping up in your local bookstores too.

So, here’s how I want to celebrate and share the news… if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll remember when I used to make my giant dollhouse pillows for my shop. In the past, I’ve received pattern requests and wanting the how-to for the pillow, so now you can finally get it in my book. It’s one of the projects that you need to “take your time” with, but it’s doable. Well, I also wanted to giveaway the giant dollhouse pillow I made for the book to one of you and a $100 gift certificate to the any shop of your choice! You’ll get the exact giant one that’s in the book (and you can see how large it is in the video!), and since you’ll win something for a little one in your life, you need something for you, so that’s what the gift certificate is for. This is not a sponsored or donated giveaway, this is a from me as a thank you for the support you’ve given thus far, and for helping get the word out about my book. I’m really so thankful for you and you’re all part of making all of this possible.

To enter to win, just blog, pinteresttweet, facebook, instagram a picture of my book (or your own when you get it) or share the book trailer and leave each shared link you in do in separate comments on this post! You have up to 4 times to enter!

I’m so thankful for my talented friends who made this video possible. The song is “Let’s Make Magic” by Hope Leigh (Me & Mr. Cassidy) and made especially for the book trailer (it’s just so perfect!) and you can purchase the song here. The video is done by my friend Lou Casas (Cakeflix Films) and he did a wonderful job capturing the “magic” I wanted to share. It’s so much fun to create with your kids and that’s what I want to encourage others to do. The outcome doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s all about spending time together and having fun.

If you’re in Southern California and are free on Saturday, May 31st between 5-7pm, we are having a book release party at the Oh, Hello Friend shop in Fullerton. I would love to be able to celebrate with you in person if you can make it!

Don’t forget to enter to win, and when your copy comes in (if you ordered one), I’d love to see it on Instagram (or wherever you want to share it, and tag @cakiesblog and #letssewtogether). This book has sort of been like my fifth child, so I can’t wait for you to all meet it! Thank you guys for helping make all of this happen!!! xoxo, Ruby

*Giveaway will end Wednesday, May 28th at midnight. Winner will be announced on twitter and contacted via email.


it’s a party and you’re invited!

bookparty ONE MORE WEEK! I can’t believe how fast May 20th is approaching, but on May 31st, we are having a par-tay to celebrate! It will be at the Oh, Hello Friend shop in Fullerton… there will treats, gifts for (but we only have a limited amount, so don’t be late and have your book!), and sweet tunes by Me & Mr. Cassidy. Of course, there will be books to purchase, but if you bring a previously purchased copy, that’s cool too, so don’t forget to show us your book to snag a gift bag.

I’m so thankful for all of you and I hope you’re able to come out and celebrate. I would love to meet you, give you a hug, and say thank you so much in person. You guys spend time here, share about this space, and so opportunities like this are made possible because of you. You are all part of this too and I’m truly so grateful.

So if you’re free on May 31st, from 5-7pm, stop by the Oh, Hello Friend shop! To be as prepared as possible, you can grab a ticket to the event here (there’s no cost), but we want to try and get an approximate head count. Bring your friends and family, the more the merrier!

Don’t forget if you pre-order, you can get a special pre-order pack, so if you haven’t, pre-order your copy here today!!!



birthday breakfast in bed tradition continues

true turns 8 true turns 8 true turns 8 true turns 8 true turns 8 true turns 8 true turns 8 true turns 8 true turns 8 true turns 8 If you’ve been following here for awhile, you know how important our tradition of birthday breakfasts in bed are, so even though we weren’t home for True’s birthday, we still made it happen. Naturally, the breakfast items aren’t quite pancakes and waffles like normal (and no way would we do room service because it’s typically way overpriced for basic menu items), and when we travel (even for a weekend) we have a cooler of food ready. Thus, her breakfast in bed was yogurt, O’s, and strawberries. We even made sure to have the little fruit characters made for her too! Now it’s harder to come in and surprise her since we are all in a room together, but I’m glad all the girls still find the whole tradition very exciting.

After everyone had their breakfast, we had True open the gifts from her sisters (and one from Auntie Linda and Uncle John). Oh my oh my, Soul and Brave made a bazillion presents and cards to give to her. I only shared with you a small sampling, but they were just busting out with all this thoughtfulness and creativity for their big sister. It made this DIY loving mama proud. By the way, that colorful handwritten birthday note (last photo) was made by True, so that we would have the words to the birthday song to sing for her. Seriously, these girls are so great!

Do you have any birthday traditions you do at your home?



her homesewn 8th birthday dress

fluttershy inspired dress This is the birthday dress I came up with since True was having a Fluttershy My Little Pony party for her 8th birthday (a peek at it here). I bought yellow fabric to make one like I sketched in this post (and actually started cutting and sewing it), but as I was making it, I wasn’t feeling it, so I switched to sewing a simple shift dress from this vintage bed sheet I had. It had yellow and butterflies like Fluttershy, and then I made her a pink bow to go in her hair, and it made the perfect 8th birthday dress for my biggest girl.

DSC_7101 DSC_7104 She loved it and pretty much had it on all weekend (when she wasn’t wearing her bathing suit). Also, on her birthday wish list were these checkered slip-on Vans, so she was super excited when she opened the box to see she received them. She declared them her new favorite shoes, although this wasn’t her favorite birthday present; the winner present of the weekend was a planner! Yup, my 8 year old girl asked for a planner for her birthday. She’s already started writing in it and marking dates. I think I have a type-A personality on my hands.

And if you want to learn how to sew (or want a few sewing projects to add to your to-do list), don’t forget to pre-order my book, Let’s Sew Together. Sewing can be intimidating, but I’m telling you it isn’t. It’s so much fun and it’s even more fun to do for and with your kiddos!



do you want build a snowman? party

frozen party frozen party Well, you already know we’re big Frozen fans over here (as proof here). One day, as I was cleaning their room for like the umpteenth time, I saw this card that True and Brave had made inviting other princesses to a party. I know they made it only for their “pretend” party, but I thought it would be fun to make their little princess party come to life. Seeing their card (from Elsa and Anna) sparked an idea to have a “Snowman Building Party” with shaved ice!

So one afternoon, while they were on spring break, I told them to get dressed up (my MIL had gotten them the Elsa and Anna Frozen costumes from Target in Texas because they were totally sold out in California), and since she got True and Brave a costume, I went to Target to make sure Soul and Glow had a (Cinderella and Belle) costume too. Can you tell they love it?! And their crowns have become a normal accessory that they, oh you know, wear to the grocery store. HA! Soul has been saying she wants a princess party for her 5th birthday, so I’m hoping she’s cool if we re-use this for that occasion (and they also wore it when Brave performed “Let It Go”). We didn’t have Elsa and Anna crowns, so I created this template, cut it out of gold poster board, added elastic to the back, glued on a jewel, and they were set to go.

I got some simple streamers that were Frozen-esque, and draped them over a tension rod between our arches (see arch here), I covered their play table in a striped, metallic gift wrapping paper, and then I laid out all the snowman building party fixings. I didn’t tell the girls what we were going to do, and they were so curious and watched me lay all these things out. I made sure to remind them all to wash their hands before the party started, and once they sat down, saw the ice shaver and ice, they figured it out… they were going to build a snowman!

We all love Olaf, he’s my favorite character in the movie and I totally crack up when he gets grabbed by the ice monster and says, “All good thing, all good things.” I thought since True and Brave had made the invitation and signed it “Elsa and Anna,” well, we couldn’t leave Olaf out now, could we?! So having princess sisters and their princess friends build a snowman to bring our version of Olaf come to life would be something they would totally have fun with!

Build Your Own Snowman
best to use an ice shaver (this one should do the job), but putting ice in a vita-mix works too (the kids plowed through the snow so fast, that we used both methods to get shaved ice)

Shaved ice
Pretzel sticks (for arms and hair)
Sugar candy eyes (from Target in the baking section)
Sour Patch Kids (for the nose)
Chocolate chips (for the buttons)

Tips for building your snowman:
You’ll want to build your snowman in a bowl, so you don’t have water spilling out as it melts. Build the bottom of the snowman first, then add the head on top, and let the kids decorate. We used a small spoon to help carve into the shaved ice to insert the different parts of the snowman.

frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party They had such a fun afternoon of Olaf building and shaved iced sundaes. True said, “Mom, it felt like we were in the North Mountain.” So I guess if it felt like we were really there, then it was a job well done. We were all laughing at how silly our Olaf turned out, and then he kept melting away as they were indulging in their own shaved ice sundaes. Eventually, True plopped Olaf’s head into her bowl and ate him. She kept saying, “I’m eating Olaf!” and the other girls thought that was so hilarious! And of course, throughout their mini party, they kept singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?…”

Shaved Ice Sundaes
inspired by Taiwanese shaved ice

Shaved ice
Condensed milk (I put ours in a dispenser bottle)
Fresh fruit (we used berries, strawberries and peaches, but bananas and mangos are also yummy)

Place your shaved ice in a bowl, put the fruit on top, and then generously drizzle condensed milk all over.

Shaved ice sundaes are so refreshing and simple to make. The girls ate bowls full that afternoon, which overflowed into evening — all they wanted for dinner was pretzels, and then we called it a night. We cleaned up the messes, bid the princesses farewell, and it was off to bed they go. “In summer” (sang Olaf style), we are definitely going to have another snowman and shaved ice party. Who wants to come this time?

Download the crown template
Cut out on poster board, punch holes, add elastic, glue on a jewel, and you’re set!

This post is sponsored by Target. More Princesses, More Sparkle: Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with your favorite Disney princesses at Target. Thank you for the time you take to visit this space!



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