true is 10!

True wrote a 10 before 10 bucket list, so we chose to spend her birthday in Vegas to be the backdrop to fulfill her list (will share a post on that soon). We were in Vegas for a few days, but left on her birthday, and had our mini-celebration at home. Actually, I brought her cake to Vegas with us (I baked it before we left), but instead of setting up her celebration in our hotel room, we really wanted to do it at home.

As soon as we arrived home, I put the cake together. I went the box mix route; my go-to box mix is by Miss Jones. I first used it for Soul’s 6th birthday cake (it was Star Wars themed) and I love the flavor and that there are no hydrogenated oils (rare to find in box mixes). I used two boxes of vanilla cake mix and two containers of buttercream frosting. It’s kind of a naked cake, since it’s lightly frosted, and I topped it with some artificial flowers from the Michaels. I put the cake on top of a cardboard cake plate and placed that on top of a tree round. The sparkler candles are from Tops Malibu. I think it definitely looked like a big girl cake, which was perfect for True’s entrance into the double digits.

We set everything up outside and when we were ready, we called True to come out. The other three and I were standing there with the balloons (from here) that said, “True is ten.” She came out and was giddy with excitement at the little party set-up we had for her. The girls had made presents for her (and they each bought her something with their own money), so it was a lot of present opening first. Ben and I love seeing the handmade gifts they make for each other; they make a ton of handmade presents and cards. True also made something for each person too. Ben and I got her some things on her birthday wishlist … Funko Leia bobblehead, a planner, Star Wars toothbrush, and Star Wars instax film. True says getting and giving gifts are one of her favorite parts of celebrating birthdays.

After the present opening, we sang a couple rounds of “Happy Birthday” and then we devoured the cake. The girls had fun digging into their giant slice of cake. Of course, the last thing we did together for her birthday was cuddle in bed and watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. These girls are such Star Wars geeks. It was the perfect way to celebrate our first girl hitting the double digits.



Our biggest girl is 10 today!

Happy birthday to our dearest Truey! We love you!!!


getting ready for a birthday

In just a few short days, I will have a 10 year old! Insane! These past 10 years have gone so fast. What a blessing it’s been to be her mother, and what a blessing to get this opportunity to disciple her heart, even if there are a lot of “Please forgive mes” said over and over again (she’s learning just as much from my shortcomings too). I am a far from perfect mother (nor is she a perfect daughter), but we are both learning how to trust God, who is the perfect parent, more every day. It’s been 10 years of learning from each other and experiencing God’s abounding grace.

She has a bucket list of things she wants to do before she turns 10, so we will be off trying to complete it. We can’t wait to get her little adventure started.


our resurrection sunday

In the morning, we gave the girls their Easter baskets before we left for church gathering. They were giddy with excitement at their basketful of treats. Each gal got her own Clonette doll (I have one too), Dress Your Bunny doodle book, tattoos, washi tape, some card games, and a carrot surprise filled with goodies.  It was a pretty quick morning at home because we had to head out for church gathering. Ben was sick, so the girls and I went to and fro from church family, to his family, to my family, without him.

The day prior, Ben and I were fighting, rather I was fighting him (not so much him fighting with me). I remember while I was holding on to my mad and stubborn heart, I kept thinking, “Jesus died for exactly this and I don’t need to hold onto it anymore.” I eventually apologized to him later than evening, but man, I was so mean throughout the day. I was so nasty towards him and that’s exactly why I need Jesus. My good will never be good enough. My heart is filled with all kinds of nasty, and it’s precisely why I believe in the cross. It’s not because I think I’m good and want to get better, rather I know I’m not, and trust that the only good I can claim is from Jesus covering me with His righteousness. So as I drove to church gathering, my heart was rejoicing that God didn’t harden my heart, and that He continuously leads me to repentance.

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. My girls had a glorious day hunting for eggs (3 egg hunts!), stuffing their bellies with sweet treats, and being lavished with lots of love from both sides of the family. Our Easter weekend was full of bunnies and egg hunts, but also plenty of heart lessons that pointed us, especially me, to the cross.


mr. leprechaun left a pot of gold

Last Wednesday night, the girls were chattering in excitement about how the Leprechaun was coming. *insert wide-eyed emoji* I kept meaning to sneak out that evening to pick up something for them, but then we had a guest over, then got caught up with working on my projects. I only remembered it was St. Patrick’s Day right before bed. Thankfully, I’m an early riser and was able to come up with something in the morning. I pulled whatever extra treats I had stashed for a rainy day, and put it together in a little “pot of gold,” along with a paper rainbow mobile.

They woke up and saw the card from Mr. Leprechaun and ran all over the house searching for the rainbow. Soul was the one who found it; the girls all giggled in delight at the treats Mr. Leprechaun left them.

See past St. Paddy’s Day celebrations here.


easter baskets

We’ve never actually given the girls Easter baskets and this year will be the first time! I’ve typically used these bags, or we did surprise balls one year, so I’m excited about actually giving them baskets. I know Easter is a week away, but if you still need some ideas, I hope these help or you can bookmark them for next year.

I love this mini oval basket from French Baskets (there are so many good ones in this shop!). Shipping is pretty speedy, but you might want to shoot them an email if you do plan to order one in time for Easter.

These two are mini baskets I found at the thrift store. Every time I go, I always keep an eye out for these vintage baskets, so next time, keep your eye out too! Check out this one that is almost exactly like that green one, and this fruit flower one would be adorable for holding Easter goodies.

Of course, African bolga baskets make perfect easter baskets too!

 All these baskets will definitely get more use way past Easter! I’m filling ours with a carrot surprise, this How to Dress a Bunny
doodle book
, and Easter eggs with sweet treats.


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