the mystery of the missing leia and yoda by true and brave

Yoda and Leia were just walking in Dagobah, when suddenly Darth Wah-Wi-Shi popped out of nowhere! Then, he trapped them in a cage in his Death Hideout.

Yoda tried to break the cage with his lightsaber, but he couldn’t. Leia tried to shoot the cage to get out, but the blast came back towards them.

Back at headquarters, Nancy Drew, Molly Drew, and Rosie the Riveter were waiting for Leia and Yoda to show up for the team meeting. They waited, and waited, and waited, but they never came. Leia tried to use her comlink to get to them, but only a buzz came back to Molly’s comlink.

Nancy and Molly have solved lots of mysteries together, so they decided it was time to solve another … the mystery of the missing Leia and Yoda! They canceled the meeting and set out to solve the mystery.

They knew that Leia and Yoda were probably in Dagobah, so they checked there first, and that’s when they found a clue … Yoda’s comlink! They knew it was Yoda’s because it was the oldest comlink model, and Yoda is the oldest Jedi. He’s 900 years old!

Nancy exclaimed, “Yes! A clue!”

Rosie yelled, “We can do it!”

They followed the trail of Yoda’s feet and uncovered the Death Hideout. They couldn’t see any doors or windows, so Nancy, Molly, and Rosie put on their invisible sunglasses. They got out their magnifying glasses too.

All at once, they saw a door with a keyhole! They did not have a key, but good thing Nancy had bobby pins with her. She used it to open the door, and voila … they were able to go in!

They heard cries for help, so they followed the noise. They came to the cage and saw Leia and Yoda! Rosie the Riveter grabbed the cage door and tore it apart!

Yoda and Leia got out, but Darth Wah-Wi-Shi came out of nowhere and started fighting with Yoda! Leia and Rosie took the droids, while Nancy and Molly were looking for a way out.

They found an invisible escape pod, so they called Rosie, Leia, and Yoda over. They all hurried into the escape pod!

While the door was still open, Yoda pushed Darth Wah-Wi-Shi with the force. Yoda had defeated him. They landed in Masonville, and lived happily ever after now that the mystery was solved!


This year’s story was written entirely by True and Brave (last year’s was too!). I’m totally impressed with what they came up with; guess they do learn something in homeschooling (didn’t feel like it yesterday when I was crying about how they weren’t listening to me).

Brave loves Nancy Drew, so that’s who she chose to be this Halloween. Soul came up with the character, Molly Drew, to be Nancy’s sidekick. Since my kids have a Star Wars obsession going on, two of them had to be their favorite characters from the series … Princess Leia and Yoda. Brave and Soul came up with their own outfits, and I made the Leia and Yoda costumes. I was so tempted to buy it on Amazon, but that sewer in me just couldn’t do it (it ended up being about $12 each making them myself). Once I was done sewing, True exclaimed, “Homemade costumes are THE best!” It made me glad I made them for them.

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Happy Halloween friends!

on me: jumpsuit, vintage from ms. tips (and she was so kind to add in the scarf, so instant costume!). on true: leia dress, handmade. silver clogs, hanna anderson. on brave: dress, vintage from ms. tips. hat, old navy. bag, zara. clogs, hanna anderson. on soul: dress, old navy. jacket, gift from the grandparents. sandals, old navy. hat, gap kids. on glow: outfit, handmade. ears, made by true (for her birthday). light saber found here.


kids make the halloween decorations by true (and brave)

We made candy corns and lollipops and put them on the wall. We started decorating because mommy put a mask on our Clonette doll, so I wanted to teach my sisters how to decorate and make things.

To make the candy corn and lollipops, I got some orange, yellow, white, blue, purple, and black paper. I also used scissors and clear tape. To create the candy corns, I placed the orange, yellow, and white paper on top of each other. Next, I cut out a triangle, and moved the yellow and white portion higher. Then, I taped the white and yellow onto the orange. Lastly, I taped each piece to the wall.

For the lollipop, I placed the blue and purple on top of each other. Second, I cut a circle out and I set the purple and blue circle out. Then, I cut some black paper about the size of my finger, and I taped it to the circle. I taped each piece to the wall too.

I was coloring some white paper green, and then I cut it into a monster shape, and drew a scary face. I taped that up too! To create some ghosts, I got some white paper and cut it into a ghost shape and Glow drew faces on it. I wrote what she wanted to say on it, put the dates on the back, and hung it up.

I made my haunted trees with just any colored piece of paper, scissors, and colored pencils. First, I cut the triangles out of the paper on the stop. Next, I cut out a shape on the side. Then, I cut one triangle on the bottom. I drew designs on it and gave it a name. Of course, that went on the wall too.

While I was doing all of this, Brave was drawing spider-webs! Hi, it’s Brave here to share how to make the webs. You will need black paper, scissors, and a white crayon. First, use the scissors to cut out the waves in a circle on the black paper. Next, use the crayon and put a dot in the middle of the paper and make lines coming out of the dot. Then, make wave-like lines 3 or 2 times with the crayon. Lastly, use tape on the back of the paper and put it up anywhere!

We hope you like the Halloween decorations we made! We are so excited for this Saturday!
- True and Brave


kids at work and play

This week has zipped by as we have been balancing helping my mom (praise the Lord she’s feeling better by the day!), homeschooling, extra curricular activities, sharing life with church family, and having people over for dinner. Once Friday comes, we are exhausted, and Saturdays are typically our rest day. It is tiring being so busy, but a blessing that our days are full of learning how to love and serve our family and others better.

Enjoy your weekend friends! I hope you get lots of rest in preparation for a new week.


the day I quit

Last Monday was a tough day and I just about had it with all things mothering, so I said, “I quit.” I wasn’t joking. I walked off the job. I went on strike. I declared that if they weren’t going to listen, then I was done, so I was done.

They would call, “Mommy! Mommy!”

“Um, don’t call me mommy. You can call me Ruby.”

That was my response. For real.

When Ben came home, and in exhaustion said, “I’m done.” I told him I’m going to work or he needs to stay home. I’m not opposed to flip flopping the current situation. The next day, my strike continued. I didn’t make breakfast, didn’t make lunch (thankfully the older girls do that already), we didn’t do school (I saw True trying to teach her sisters), and didn’t clean up one bit (oh you see a bit of the chaos above, and yes, I took pictures of the mess). I did get caught up on email though, so that’s one plus. HA! Ben came home and the house was upside down. I helped the girls with one thing, but that’s only because they started crying. *raising my hand* Totally failure of a mom right here.

Yep, my heart was so hard. My mom called and I told her how I quit, and she said, “Okay, come home now.” I talked to my MIL and I told her the situation, and I could hear her during Spanish lessons telling the girls they need to do a better job of listening to me. When Ben came home, he said, “So what do you want to do for real?”

Through the course of the day, I remember thinking that my heart isn’t being quick to repent and this is so scary. My sin had such a strong grip on me and it didn’t want to let go. In fact, it felt like my heart was holding on to this frustration, selfishness, pride, and rebellion a lot tighter and tighter as the day wore on.

I could tell Ben wanted to get mad at me and tell me to snap out of it, but he didn’t know how to. He wanted to be sensitive to my feelings, but also knew that I was being ridiculously selfish. I left Ben and the girls alone to eat dinner and I was chilling by myself. I knew that my heart couldn’t continue this way, nor do I really want it to. Sure, it felt good for a little while, but in the end, it will lead to destruction. I didn’t want to follow Anakin Skywalker’s path.

Eventually (and pretty much right before bed), I opened my Bible to read a little bit (with much hesitation, but I knew it was necessary). Then, I read this article, “When Your Life Feels Like a Waiting Room,” and boy did I need to read that. Throughout the day I could see my selfishness in wanting my way, pride in thinking I was deserving of things going my way, and rebellion in not wanting to do the job I have. After I sobered up, and was rebuked with God’s word, I was ready to repent. First to God, then Ben, and then the girls. I told them all about how I failed and asked them to forgive me. Of course, I got to use it as a teaching moment to remind them that we all fail, and that’s precisely why we need Jesus, me especially. I’m broken and only He can do the fixing. Not even Olivia Pope is good enough to fix me. Only Jesus. I lead the charge when it comes falling short as a mother. I admit, while I do adore my children, I have plenty bad and hard days. And while it does take me awhile to repent, I’m thankful that God’s word transforms my selfish heart and gives me a new one. #ineedgrace #andtheyneedgracetoo



a rose colored painting project

Hello! It’s True and I wanted to share with you about our Picasso inspired project and his Rose Period. Picasso studied African masks and those things influenced his creation of cubism, so we wanted to make our own African Mask. ¬†We also learned about his Rose Period, so it was fun to mix the two ideas together.

Brave’s was the one that looked most like an African mask, and mine was wearing bows. The Rose Period sort of reminds me of Valentine’s Day! I had so much fun making it! It is so fun to do art and I love it because we get to play with colors. I love art so much that I want to be an artist!



cutthroat kitchen obsessed

The weekend is upon us and that means Ben and I will be treated to another (a lot) of episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen featuring Chef Dietitian, Chef Hello Kitty, and Chef Pi. Since we first got introduced to that show back in July, all of our family movie nights have alternated between watching Cutthroat Kitchen and Star Wars. The girls have taken it and really run with it. They wanted us to film their “episodes” one afternoon, and they really set the timer to 30 minutes to allow the chefs to “cook.” Ben was running out of space on his phone and was trying to get them to condense their episode, but they wouldn’t budge.

It’s pretty cute to see their chef space set-up, the pantry, their suitcase of money, and them get all crazy about the sabotages. In one episode, Glow ended up having to use gummy bears to make pancake syrup! HA!



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