flowers for ella

flowers for ella flowers for ella flowers for ella flowers for ella flowers for ella We have this really sweet neighborhood girl, Ella, that’s the same age as True, and she often comes over to say hello and bring the girls a treat. One time, True was feeling especially shy, and didn’t say a word to her. Ben and I were so frustrated because it came across rude. We know True isn’t being rude intentionally, but it’s just her shyness takes over, and it comes across that way. That moment prompted us to practice with all the girls how to greet someone at the door and just basic common manners when talking with someone.

We value her shyness, and know it’s part of her, but we also want to encourage her to still exercise politeness towards others. They pretend all the time to be this or that princess or hero, so this time we just took turns pretending to be our neighbor donned in their Belle and Elsa costumes (we got them from Target) and how courteous we should be when they come over to say hello. Brave was the first to pretend to be “Ella,” so she wore the Cinderella crown. She started knocking on the door, then we practiced the polite back and forth exchange of hellos and how are yous. True was still acting quite shy in the beginning, even with it just being her own sister, but we kept doing it until she felt comfortable, and she eventually got it.

To let them put into action their practice of being attentive and courteous, we’re going to go over to Ella’s this week and bring her a little thank you gift for the cupcakes she brought us last week. I didn’t want the girls to go over empty handed, so I taught the girls an easy way to make some crepe paper flowers, and they went town making her a little bouquet.

flowers for ella flowers for ella flowers for ella flowers for ella flowers for ella paper flowers Crepe Paper Streamer Flowers

Crepe paper streamers
Pom poms
26 gauge floral wire
Floral stem tape
Wire cutter

Cut (or rip) ten 5″ strips of crepe paper streamers, and layer them on top of each other (spread them out like a fan). Place a pom pom centered on top, cut out a 12″ piece of floral wire and center that on top of the pom. Bend the wire tightly behind the flower and twist, securing the pom and crepe paper strips in place. Spread out flower petals and fluff. Wrap the flower stem with floral tape, and add a 4″ piece of green crepe paper half way down the stem, then continue to wrap the rest of the stem.

paper flowers I taught the kids how to make one, and they took it off with it and made a bunch more. They even surprised me and used their new flower making skills to make me a bouquet for Mother’s Day. Well, the girls are pretty excited to go over to Ella’s house and bring her the homemade bouquet of flowers, so I’m hoping our role playing will have them ready to put their politeness into action.

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a simple mother’s day

mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 mother's day 2014 I wanted pumpkin waffles for my breakfast in bed. Check. A Mexican chocolate pie from The Pie Hole. Check. And for dinner, I wanted Ben to make langostino sopes. Check. Then, I got spoiled with lots of special handmade cards and gifts from the girls and Ben surprised me with a little Chinese money plant (I’m so thankful he pays attention to my pinterest). We had a wonderful family dinner together, and that happy, little, chocolate face is evidence of how yummy everything was. Obviously, the pie was her favorite.

The day was just so great, laid-back, and pretty much perfect. I even got some bit of quiet time to work on some things that I wanted to. Ben and I ended the evening watching the Veronica Mars movie, and I loved every bit of it. I love Logan and Veronica! #LoVe




my refashioned denim dress and my girls

denim dress denim dress I scored at my last trip to the thrift store and thrifted this denim dress. It was about 5 sizes bigger, and I just cut the sleeves a bit narrower, change the cut of the dress, made it shorter, and these couple of quick fixes gave me another nice basic. The dress was only $4, so I feel like I scored big time. I already wore the dress a few times last week, but decided it would also make the perfect Mother’s Day dress too.

my girls and me my girls and me my girls and me On Saturday night, True slept in the clothes she was going to wear for Mother’s Day because she said she wanted to be ready early to help Ben make breakfast in bed for me. Totally funny and adorable! These girls of mine, I love them. Motherhood is like a roller coaster, exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. Well, I love roller coasters, but if you’re just plain frightened of them, then that analogy wouldn’t work for you.



homesewn dress

dusty rose dusty rose dusty rose dusty rose I love the shapeless, loose dresses that have been popping up lately. I can do without spanx underneath and those dresses are just so comfortable. Sure they aren’t super flattering, but whatever, I like them. Now, the ones that have been popping up are like oh-my-freakin-guacamole-expensivo, so while I have bought a $400 pair of shoes once (this is full disclosure with a story behind it, and not my proudest moment, but hey! I wear them a lot and they’re my faves), I can’t pay that much for a shapeless dress. 1) It’s shapeless, so it’s not that hard to sew. 2) I’d rather buy nice shoes, than a dress, probably because I sew. I’m sure the dresses that go for that kind of Benjamins are handmade with love in the USA with the finest of fabric (and I’m all for small businesses, so I’m glad people support them), but hey, mine is handmade with love too (in the USA) and with linen, which is nice fabric, and only cost me $20, so that works for me.

I’m pretty happy with how my dress turned out, and seriously after you sew yourself a dress, it feels like you just went shopping without spending any money, especially if you have had the fabric for awhile. I have no pattern for you, but I have this sketch that you can use as a guide to make your own. It’s only two pieces (front and back) and it’s loose, so just use one of your looser dresses as a sizing guide, and I made the cut of the bottom portion more cocoon-like, and I did a wide band at the sleeves. It’s easy, I promise, just try it! My book won’t teach you how to make this dress, but it will teach you enough about sewing that you will eventually be able to make this dress and many more other things.

dusty rose dusty rose I also got to be part of Lisa Leonard’s lookbook, so I’m wearing her gold love banner necklace (sorry it’s sold out now). The girls love that I have a necklace with their letters, they declare this one their favorite necklace of mine.

Are you yea or nay on loose shapeless dresses? Would you try and make your own?

on me: dress, handmade by me (duh!). necklace, c/o lisa leonard. shoes, c/o lotta from stockholm. on true: dress, misha lulu. on the rest of the girls: dresses, vintage.


regular dinner messes

dinner table messes dinner table messes dinner table messes dinner table messes dinner table messes Mismatched placemats, random cups, a big container full of red pepper flakes, this is our usual dinner table. Dinners are always chaotic, loud, and everyone’s talking over each other to tell Ben about their day. I’m always thankful for the family chatter that happens around the dinner table, and as Olaf says, “All good things, all good things.” #frozenobsessed

Happy May 1st! Can you believe it’s already May?!



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