do you allow shoes in your home

Do you allow shoes to be worn in your home? This can be a touchy thing. Just as touchy and difficult to ask someone to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before touching your newborn baby.

I’m Filipino, so culturally, shoes are typically not allowed in the home. Everyone comes over and takes it off in the entry way. When I go to other Asian homes, we know to take off our shoes prior to entering (and sometimes you’ll notice that shoes are left outside of the door). It’s considered rude to step into their home with shoes on. I married someone who is not Filipino, so he grew up wearing shoes in the home, but he has since adopted the no shoes stance.

The main reason we do it is for health and cleanliness. Shoes track in lots of bacteria (read here and here) and we have kids who play on the ground. They roll, lay down, put down blankets all over the ground. Not only do my kids play on the ground, they tend to put their fingers and hands in their mouth (even though I’m constantly on their case for it). So shoes off in the house, is one way to help eliminate bringing in things we don’t want in our house.

We know it isn’t always convenient for people to take off their shoes. If we’re having a big party, we usually won’t say anything, and cleaning the floors just comes with the party clean up. Though most friends already know to take off their shoes, so people catch on when they see a bunch of shoes at the door. When construction people come over, we have non-slip shoe covers right at the door for them to slip on, so they don’t have to go through the hassle of removing their boots. We also have clean (and cute) slippers for guests to wear. Ben can’t walk around barefoot for long periods of time because it’s painful for his feet, so he has a pair of “indoor Nikes” that he wears just for inside the house. I’ve recently started having foot problems too, so I have a pair of Birkenstocks just for the inside of the house too. To avoid having to explain while it’s ok for us to wear shoes in our home, we will typically walk barefoot when guests are here.

I have friends who have put signs on their doors, so we recently adopted that. One friend’s sign says, “Hawaiian style. Please remove your shoes. Mahalo.” Another says, “This is holy ground. No shoes allowed.” The one I saw most recently, in beautiful calligraphy, said, “Kindly remove your shoes.” It kind of saves that awkward conversation when you answer the door and it spells it out plainly.

In a recent discussion on another blog, I saw someone mention if they go to a home where they have to remove their shoes, they aren’t likely to go back to that home, and will prefer to meet that friend out. I thought that was an interesting response.

Imagine where our shoes have been! Public restrooms… eek! I once was at someone’s house recently, and they wore their outside shoes inside, and put their shoes up on the couch and the coffee table. That same evening they laid on the couch and ate dinner on the coffee table, and I just kind of got the heebie jeebies. It’s obviously not my preference to wear outdoor shoes inside!

I know this can be testy subject. I think I’ve discussed it here before, but some friends and I were discussing it recently, and especially since we just put up a sign on our door, it’s been on my mind. Shoes or no shoes? What do you do in your home and what do you expect your guests to do?


oven mitt turkey puppet

My newest project for Babiekins Mag is up… turn an old oven mitt (or pick up one at the dollar store!) and make some turkey puppets. These have kept my girls entertained for hours; they love creating characters and stories with their new toys. Get the full project here.

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things i’ve ordered lately

My old silk pillowcase died, so it was time to get a new one. My first one was cheaper, and I don’t think I cared for it properly, so it really wore out quick (had it for a few years I think). I plan on salvaging what I can and make something out of it, but I ordered this one (also in photo above) to replace it. I can totally tell the difference with my hair on a silk pillowcase, so I use it for less breakage.

After I saw this post on New Age Nesting, I’ve been thinking about alternatives to pads and tampons, so I decided to give a menstrual cup a try. I hate tampons and always freak out about toxic shock syndrome, so I’m hoping I like the cup. We’ll see. I’m definitely nervous about it, but it seems it’s cleaner, less waste, and saves money! I ordered this one, so we will see how it goes. I’m trying to convince friends to try it with me, so who wants to join in too?! I will tastefully report back a review after Aunt Flo comes and goes.

To go along with the cup, I ordered a few pairs of Thinx. Period panties are genius and I wish I knew about it when I was a teenager. I’m using it as back up to the cup and when I have light days. We’ll see. I’m skeptical about it, but I’m down to try.  Knowing I have 2 girls who will have to deal with this soon enough, I’d love for them to have something that feels comfortable and not worry about leaks (eek!). I have a couple embarrassing accident stories from my teenage years, so maybe these really will be magic and I can spare them having to worry about it. It is a bit of an investment, but it will save in pads and waste (and money!) in the long run. Like the cup, I will report back my thoughts on it after I take it for a spin.

A friend is trying to convince me the benefits of essential oils, so I’ll give it a shot. I’ll be sure to share what I think of those too.

If any of you have any experience with any of the above things I mentioned, would love to hear your thoughts on it!



This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

What a whirlwind week! WOVENFOLK main shop and etsy both got updated. Met with a new accountability group. Girls are busy working on research projects. Cleaned up the front porch/courtyard and backyard. And we have construction going on in our front yard.

Cool palazzo pants! I love pants that look like skirts.

Soul opened up to Ben one night (I was out at dinner with a friend)  and shared him some things on her heart. It was sweet to hear about how God is working in her heart.

Made these delicious pan-fried zucchini fritters.

Been craving onion rings lately. I wanna try to make a healthy version. Anyone have a good recipe to share?

Ben and I are so excited to have The Walking Dead back. It’s the only show we watch together (it’s the only show he watches).

My exercise routine has been inconsistent the past few weeks, but I’m glad to be back on track this week. The time change definitely helped, though we were all a little crazy on Monday.

How cute is this checked skirt for little girls?!

The new cashmere sweaters on Everlane look so cozy.

“Jesus didn’t die to bring you good stuff. He died to bring you to God.” So much yes! from this message excerpt.

Happy weekending!


gold nuggets

Ben and I have been thinking (and talking) a lot about how we’re investing our time. So much of what we do is just here on this earth stuff, doesn’t really go anywhere. This Sunday’s sermon encouraged and reminded us to keep investing our lives more. Not because it’s in the doing that we gain favor from God, but it’s because that’s what we are called to do. I have been saved by God for good works, not good works saved me for God. The order is very important, if put in any other order, the outcome is detrimental to the soul. PJ encouraged us to “sacrifice our lesser joys for greater joys.” It was like those words went BOOM! in my head and heart. Makes sense, but sometimes so hard to do when mixed all up in my selfishness, but by God’s grace, I’m asking God to help me see and do that.

I needed to hear that. Honestly, I need reminders weekly, that’s why gathering with our church fam on Sunday is so important. And I need reminders during the week too, that’s why I meet up with friends and neighbors to read the Bible is so important. When I’m in the grind of daily life, I forget to have an eternal perspective. Sometimes (a lot of times) my eternity lenses fall off and all I see is the here and now.

Then the verse Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” was another BOOM because even though I used to claim that as my life verse, I didn’t fully grasp it.

It wasn’t meant to spur me to do whatever I set my mind too because God is on my side. Nope. It speaks that Christ strengthens me in all circumstances, whether I have little or much, in mess ups and victories, when I’m feeling down or as high as a kite, I think you get the picture. Actually, that verse points more to my contentment in Christ rather than my ability to trust Christ to help me do what I want. So my contentment lately? Oh it’s been a bit more in the fail section. But that verse was another encouragement and rebuke to my heart. God keeps dropping me little gold nuggets of Himself and His word to chew, wrestle, and treasure.


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