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OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 OC FAIR '14 Ben was ready to give up going, and he was ready to start a new tradition, but I insisted we absolutely had to go, and now he’s glad we went. I’m all for it because I love cramming all six of us in a photo booth to take a family picture. I think it makes the whole trip to the fair worthwhile.

The first thing we do is head to the photo booth. Fair food isn’t our thing, so we completely skip that (totally not dietian approved), but we do let the girls ride a couple rides. We only end up staying a couple hours, but it’s enough to have some fun together, and of course, we all go home excited about the newest photo booth strips we get to add to our collection. This visit did end up being extra special because I happen to run into Dana (from Made), it was so fun to have my real life and online world collide!

After seeing this series of photos again, Ben agreed it’s good to keep going as long as we’re able. And how cute are all my girls in that car in the last picture?! I feel like it’s a tiny glimpse of the future with True in the driver’s seat driving all her sisters around. I have a feeling that will be the same seating arrangement they will fall into later.


garden tomatoes

tomatoes '14 tomatoes '14 tomatoes '14 We’ve been enjoying the fruits of our tomato garden. We’ve had a couple tomato plants not thrive as well due to under watering and spider mites, but we’ve been able to enjoy a few batches from the others. We pick them and they’re pretty much gone that same day, they haven’t even lasted long enough to make it into any dishes. The other day, Ben told me the best part about growing tomatoes is seeing how excited the girls get when they eat it. I definitely agree with him, it really does make all the effort worthwhile.


it’s tradition

fair-years'14 Ben’s ready to give up going to the fair, but I won’t let him. It’s tradition to go, use the photo booth, and take this picture. Here are some things I noticed about this newest picture versus the rest…

True is actually smiling in this picture!

This is the first year I’m not carrying the baby (in my belly or my arms).

Ben broke the cycle of carrying Soul.

Ben’s wearing the same shorts as last year (and similar shirt). He’s a simple guy and rarely buys anything new for himself.

Read last year’s comparisons¬†here. Another tidbit from these pictures… The one of 2007, Brave was born the very next day. All that walking at the fair helped get labor started because my water broke the very next morning (we were at the fair until late that night).



family meals: week 84

family meals White Bean Chili.¬†I will have the recipe to share with you this week! It’s my go-to dish when we have a lot of friends over for dinner.

family meals family meals Wonton Soup.¬†My friend Helen came over and brought me some of the soup (and fresh wontons) she made. I served it for dinner twice this week, and I’m definitely going to have to make another batch for us soon.

Week of 8/11 – 8/15
Monday: Lavash Bread Pizza
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Sushi

What’s on your dinner menu this week?



pool days This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Thankful that the girls can entertain themselves while I get house things done, and Netflix (and the iPad) comes in handy sometimes too.

This will probably surprise you, but Glow still naps twice a day. It’s insane! She will still sleep and if doesn’t get her naps, she is one cranky girl.

We had all my old youth leaders (and their families) over for dinner this week. I loved seeing my girls having fun with all their kids. It was crazy loud in our house.

These sandwiches look delicious.

I’ve had major headaches lately, so I’m thankful for chocolate ice cream because they really help get rid of them! One afternoon this past week, Soul came up to me and said, “I have a headache.” I said, “If I kiss it, will it feel better?” She said, “No.” I said, “What do you want then?” Then, she gave me that sly smile. I realized what that sly smile meant and I started laughing to myself because she wanted ice cream. HA!

I’m pretty good about getting blog posts up even while we’re away, but it was nice to keep it quiet here earlier in the week.

Finally watched Divergent! Books are always better, but I think the translation was still pretty good.

This space has been such a good spot to share my heart, things we’re making (and sometimes wearing), recipes, stories, pictures, and just a whole bunch of other things. I wanted to know from you, is there anything you particularly want me to share more of? I really would love to know, and I’m always thankful for the time you take to visit this space! xoxo




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