salton sea

salton sea salton sea salton sea salton sea salton sea salton sea salton sea salton sea Ever since I watched a documentary on Netflix about the Salton Sea last year, I’ve been itching to go. Luckily, we pass it on the way to Salvation Mountain, so we made a quick stop there after we did our scavenger hunt. It’s such an interesting place… the smell, the feel of the ground, and just the sight of it. It’s breathtaking, but its vastness is so out of place in the middle of the desert. And I suppose that makes sense, considering it was manmade.

There were so many birds there and True and Brave took off running toward a whole lot of them sitting by the shore to get them flying. Glow didn’t like walking on the rocky, shell-like sand, so I carried her to the shore. On the way back to the car, I told her she needed to walk, but she didn’t want to, so Brave picked her up to carry her the rest of the way. It was so cute! Brave’s such a sweetheart. All the girls are, but Brave has an extra sensitive soul.

If you plan to go to Salvation Mountain, you must stop by Salton Sea (or vice-versa), and then on your way back towards Los Angeles, grab some date shakes at Shields Date Garden. If you have extra time, grab dinner at Native Foods Cafe in Palm Springs and stop by the Ace Hotel to use their photo booth. The photo strip will be a fun souvenir to remember that day. Since we made our trip on Valentine’s Day, after our date shake we picked up sushi and headed home. We still had some surprises to give each other and the kids, so we ran out of time, preventing both Native Foods Cafe and Ace Hotel photo booth stops.



if you ask me if i want ice cream, i’ll always say yes

winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015 I told Ben he could buy himself a tree for Valentine’s Day. Really though, he would have bought it anyway, silly holiday or not. Well, he wanted a Wax Jambu (water apple), and he found a seller out in Orange County, so we had to make a trip out there to pick it up. By the way, this fruit was one of the many we tried when we were in Singapore, and we loved it so much, we wanted to grow it.

Back to the story… This is on a Sunday afternoon, and usually, we don’t really do much except go to church and finish other house things at home on Sundays, but when the gentleman who had the tree called to confirm he had it, we all quickly loaded in the car and left. This was as spontaneous as we get! Of course, Ben knew that Snow Monster (we first tried it on my birthday) was really close by, so he said earlier in the day, “Wanna go pick up my tree and get ice cream?” Of course, I said yes. I’ll always say yes to ice cream.

We picked up his tree and then we got ice cream. The girls were very happy to get a large taro and mango shaved ice, and I was especially delighted to get a pistachio macaron and Thai tea ice cream all to myself. We all came home quite elated with our Sunday evening adventure.



family meals: week 98

chow mein chow mein Soy Sauce Pan Fried Noodles. The girls devoured this dish. Next time, I want to add shrimp and more vegetables, but even without those things, this really was so yummy. Another plus, it’s easy to make too!

Week of 2/23 – 2/27
Monday: Soba Sesame Noodles
Tuesday: Dumpling Soup
Wednesday: White Bean Chili
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Tilapia Ceviche (we have this every Friday night)

We have new friends coming over this week, so I think the chili is a safe dish to make. Do you have a go-to dish when you have first time guests coming over to your house?




sister bonding This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow is such an observant and clever girl. She has a certain wit that keeps coming out more and more.

Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies?! Get in my tummy!

Ben’s been feeling under the weather these past couple days and I’m trying to be extra caring. I’m not usually caring when he’s sick because I tend to think boys need to learn how to suck it up. It’s one area of our marriage where I need to learn to be more understanding.

The girls and I watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the first time and loved it! The evil kidnapper is a little freaky though.

Love this turquoise and moonstone ring.

I like these sandals. I’ve been looking for a perfect pair for spring/summer, and while pricey, I’ve been hoarding a 30% off coupon code and a gift card (and it’ll cover almost all of it), so I’m thinking about it. I tend to hold onto gift cards for years (I have a Madewell one I’ve had for at least 3 years!) because it takes me a long time to figure out if that’s what I really want to spend it on. LOL

This vintage kid shirt is so cool.

Thankful for friends with whom I can share the messy (and ugly) parts of my heart. This makes me especially thankful for forgiveness and redemption found through Jesus alone.

I like how Justina Blakely changed up this West Elm light. I think it would look fun in a bright pink too!

Heather Von St. James is a 9 year cancer survivor and she does something called “Lung Leavin’ Day.” February 2nd is the day she had her lung removed, which her sister declared LungLeavin’ Day. They celebrate it every year by writing their biggest fears on a plate, and smashing them into a fire. I think that’s a special tradition, and if you want to learn more about it, check it out here. I think it would be an especially tribute if those smashed pieces were turned into some beautiful mosaic. Hard things can sometimes bring about the most beautiful.

I got caught up on emails this week, but I’m behind in responding to blog comments, but I’m hoping to get to it this weekend. This whole social media and internet thing is a lot of fun, but I have to admit, I’m bad at keeping up with all of it. I try to get to my emails and blog comments, but I’m not always so good at responding to instagram and twitter. Please know that though I may not get to respond to all of you, I’m very thankful for the time you take to read and/or comment on whatever it is I put out on social media.



sewing time and heart switches

DSC_2842 copy some sewing time some sewing time Since we had Monday off, I got some sewing time in for myself this week. Then during the week, I was able to carve out more time here and there for some extra sewing projects. I made another dress, refashioned another thrift store one, and fix some other things that needed fixing (like my Singapore bag). It’s so relaxing for me to get sewing time in.

These past few weeks I have felt a switch in my heart (from the I’m over it kind of mentality to the it’s crazy but happy kind)  regarding parenting. It’s nothing I’ve done, but God just answering my prayers, and he has answered by giving me more joy. The girls are still a handful, and I still run around like a chicken with its head cut off, but we’ve all definitely been more joyful. So I guess, I’m running around like a joyful chicken with its head cut off. I’ll gladly take that.

I know the days are long and my time with them is short. In those hard moments, it’s hard to remember that though. I don’t want to take them and this time for granted. Right now is a special time, and I need (and want) to cherish this for as long as they’ll let me hold and mold their little hearts. In a blink of an eye, they’ll all be grown, and I’ll be wishing we could rewind to this chaotic time of our life. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine, but I know that will be true.




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