This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Thankful we had a good homeschooling week and the girls were efficient with their time. When that happens, there’s a lot more room for other projects. Woot!

How fun would it be to embroider a denim jacket. I think this is one project the girls would love!

I’m looking for vintage army high waist pants. Hoping to find out at the thrift store one day (or maybe a flea market!).

Love the way this couch curves… vavavoom!

If you’re looking for a vintage, denim jacket, get this.

Encouraged by my friend’s “When I Don’t Want to be a Mom Today” post.

The girls got the pie in the face game for Christmas and it’s so fun to play!

Ben and our garden made an appearance in a local paper. You can read the article here, though it got the amount of yard we have kind of wrong. One portion is 20×20, but while we still don’t have much yard (this is suburbia in SoCal), we definitely have more than that.

I’m a few days from completing my one year Bible reading plan, which has turned into a 3+ years reading plan, but I’m almost done and so excited!

Wah! A couple girls started feeling sick this weekend, so we are hoping the cold doesn’t play hot potato.

Happy weekending folks!



kid jokes // 9

The girls are back with their kid jokes. Hope they give you a little chuckle!

See more kid jokes here and here’s the print out in case you have a little one that likes to color!


felt macrame wall hanging

Felt Macrame Wall Hanging
we used valentine’s day colors for a little love day decorĀ 

Felt sheet
Embroidery floss
Hand-sewing needle
3/16″ x 12″ dowel

1. Fold the short side of the felt sheet 1/2″ towards the back, and sew in place using a running stitch. Next, insert dowel. Then, cut slits (about 1/4″ wide) all along the sheet from the bottom to the top (stopping about 1/2″ away from the dowel). Be sure to cut strips so they can be grouped in four.

2. Starting with the first four strips on the left, bend the first strip over the next two strips (leaving a space for the loop), and under the fourth strip. Next, pass the fourth strip behind the filler strips and bring out to the front through the left loop of the first cord. Pull the strips gently and you have half of the first the square knot.

For the second half of the square knot, you are reversing the way you cross the strips. Bend the fourth strip over the previous two filler strips (leaving a space for the loop), and under the first strip. Next, pass the first strip behind the filler strips and bring out to the front through the right loop of the fourth strip. Gently pull the strips and you have a finished square knot. This is a good video on how to make a square knot.

Continue creating square knots with the rest of the felt strips. For the second row, skip the first two strips, and gather the next four strips to start your first square knot in the second row. In total, I did 3 rows of square knots.

3. I used 10″ strands of yarn gathered together to create tassels for the wall hanging. I share how to make tassels here. Knot each tassel onto the end of felt strip. Cut a 12″ strand of yarn and tie each end onto each of the dowel, and knot to secure.

The wall hanging adds a nice pop of color in preparation for Valentine’s Day. I think a longer version using wool felt would come out great too. The girls want to learn how to macrame, so I might show them how to make tiny ones to make some for their friends for Valentine’s Day. It would be sweet with a cute saying like, “I’m knots about you!”




art with legos

We picked up H.W. Janson’s History of Art up at our local library for $10 (this seems to be the latest version), and I decided it was going to be the base for our art curriculum for the year. True and Brave are studying modern times for history, so we are in the modern art section of the book. This week’s study called for a bit of architecture and the Legos True received for Christmas came in handy (she got this architecture set from my parents).

You can imagine their excitement as the girls studied the buildings and brought it to life with Legos… oh the joys of homeschooling! There are many hard things about homeschooling, but a lesson like this is one of the perks. I think my girls would definitely agree. Plus, art is everyone’s favorite subject here; we are all happy when we are doing art.



seed bead earrings

For the past few months, I have been addicted to seed bead stitching. It reminds me a lot of hand-sewing, weaving, and macrame all rolled into one (sort of), but on a much tinier scale. When I got the itch to try it out, I remembered I kept this large pack of vintage seed beads that was once Ben’s when he was a kid. It took me awhile to figure out what to do because I couldn’t find any really good seed bead tutorials, so there was a lot of trial and error. So far, I’ve just made earrings. I’ve made plenty for myself, but also many more for gifts too. I have always admired traditional Native American beadwork (this book is good) and recently discovered Salihah Moore’s creations. I love how you can give this traditional craft a modern feel, so I’m definitely addicted.

My home can only have so many weavings and macrame pieces hanging on the walls, so it’s been really fun to make lots of earrings. My ears could use a different pair for each day of the week. My sister wanted a choker made from seed beads, so that’s next on my agenda.

I love learning new crafting skills and seed bead stitching has become a quick favorite. Have you learned any new crafts lately?

If you aren’t a maker and would rather buy a pair, check out these and these.





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