wondercon goodies

wonder-con wonder-con Ben took the girls to WonderCon a couple weekends ago and it was their first time going to something like that. My girls are really into comics, especially Spider-Man, so they were so excited to be able to go. Of course, they dug up their costumes to get dressed up and they came home with plenty of pictures of other characters they took pictures with, and two people even asked Soul even they could take pictures with her!

Ben got each girl a little treat to commemorate their adventure that day, and each treat represented each character they were dressed as. Soul got this cute little Pinkie Pie by Funko, and True and Brave got these two little prints from the artist Christopher Lee. After they came home, Ben wished he picked up one he saw for me, so he called his cousin, who was still there, and he picked up the print for us. It’s this Kids on Modern Classics print by Christopher Lee. I love midcentury modern chairs (and have a few), so how funny (and sort of true) is this illustration.  This Master of the Universe Compendium poster is pretty great too, and I know the kids would love it because they love He-Man and She-Ra. We had fun looking Christopher Lee’s site and loving all his work (check it out here); his illustrations are just so cool and fun.  We love finding new artists to love and follow!


do you want build a snowman? party

frozen party frozen party Well, you already know we’re big Frozen fans over here (as proof here). One day, as I was cleaning their room for like the umpteenth time, I saw this card that True and Brave had made inviting other princesses to a party. I know they made it only for their “pretend” party, but I thought it would be fun to make their little princess party come to life. Seeing their card (from Elsa and Anna) sparked an idea to have a “Snowman Building Party” with shaved ice!

So one afternoon, while they were on spring break, I told them to get dressed up (my MIL had gotten them the Elsa and Anna Frozen costumes from Target in Texas because they were totally sold out in California), and since she got True and Brave a costume, I went to Target to make sure Soul and Glow had a (Cinderella and Belle) costume too. Can you tell they love it?! And their crowns have become a normal accessory that they, oh you know, wear to the grocery store. HA! Soul has been saying she wants a princess party for her 5th birthday, so I’m hoping she’s cool if we re-use this for that occasion (and they also wore it when Brave performed “Let It Go”). We didn’t have Elsa and Anna crowns, so I created this template, cut it out of gold poster board, added elastic to the back, glued on a jewel, and they were set to go.

I got some simple streamers that were Frozen-esque, and draped them over a tension rod between our arches (see arch here), I covered their play table in a striped, metallic gift wrapping paper, and then I laid out all the snowman building party fixings. I didn’t tell the girls what we were going to do, and they were so curious and watched me lay all these things out. I made sure to remind them all to wash their hands before the party started, and once they sat down, saw the ice shaver and ice, they figured it out… they were going to build a snowman!

We all love Olaf, he’s my favorite character in the movie and I totally crack up when he gets grabbed by the ice monster and says, “All good thing, all good things.” I thought since True and Brave had made the invitation and signed it “Elsa and Anna,” well, we couldn’t leave Olaf out now, could we?! So having princess sisters and their princess friends build a snowman to bring our version of Olaf come to life would be something they would totally have fun with!

Build Your Own Snowman
best to use an ice shaver (this one should do the job), but putting ice in a vita-mix works too (the kids plowed through the snow so fast, that we used both methods to get shaved ice)

Shaved ice
Pretzel sticks (for arms and hair)
Sugar candy eyes (from Target in the baking section)
Sour Patch Kids (for the nose)
Chocolate chips (for the buttons)

Tips for building your snowman:
You’ll want to build your snowman in a bowl, so you don’t have water spilling out as it melts. Build the bottom of the snowman first, then add the head on top, and let the kids decorate. We used a small spoon to help carve into the shaved ice to insert the different parts of the snowman.

frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party frozen party They had such a fun afternoon of Olaf building and shaved iced sundaes. True said, “Mom, it felt like we were in the North Mountain.” So I guess if it felt like we were really there, then it was a job well done. We were all laughing at how silly our Olaf turned out, and then he kept melting away as they were indulging in their own shaved ice sundaes. Eventually, True plopped Olaf’s head into her bowl and ate him. She kept saying, “I’m eating Olaf!” and the other girls thought that was so hilarious! And of course, throughout their mini party, they kept singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?…”

Shaved Ice Sundaes
inspired by Taiwanese shaved ice

Shaved ice
Condensed milk (I put ours in a dispenser bottle)
Fresh fruit (we used berries, strawberries and peaches, but bananas and mangos are also yummy)

Place your shaved ice in a bowl, put the fruit on top, and then generously drizzle condensed milk all over.

Shaved ice sundaes are so refreshing and simple to make. The girls ate bowls full that afternoon, which overflowed into evening — all they wanted for dinner was pretzels, and then we called it a night. We cleaned up the messes, bid the princesses farewell, and it was off to bed they go. “In summer” (sang Olaf style), we are definitely going to have another snowman and shaved ice party. Who wants to come this time?

Download the crown template
Cut out on poster board, punch holes, add elastic, glue on a jewel, and you’re set!

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family meals: week 71

ceviche ceviche Tilapia Ceviche on Crispy Wontons. We eat this almost every Friday night. It’s Ben’s most favorite thing to eat and I put in like 8 habaneros, so to say it’s spicy is an understatement. This particular batch had so much fire that I had sweat on my cheeks and nose (and I never sweat), but I still kept on eating because it’s just that good (and we love spicy that much!).

Week of 4/28 – 3/3
Monday: Homemade pizza
Tuesday: Seafood Pasta
Wednesday: Honey-Lime Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Corn Tacos
Thursday: I’m going to make enough Wednesday, to have some for Thursday
Friday: Sushi night

This week was totally different from our norm since I flew in late Monday night, then Ben worked late Tuesday, Wednesday was a quick dinner because we wanted to work in the garden, and then Thursday was kind of like our Friday, since Ben didn’t work Friday. We also didn’t have Dinner Club this week because our friends are off in Hawaii, so I only officially cooked once this week. I did make the girls a meal on Tuesday night, but it was one of those quick-whip-whatever-is-lying-around-in-the-fridge kind of thing. What’s your normal meal planning look like?



california Today, my biggest girl turns 8, so we’re celebrating just the way she requested. We are making sure there is lots of fun on the agenda, and I can’t believe we’ve got two years until double digits… that makes me nervous!

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Love this DIY cloud lamp.

This vintage phone photo would make such a cool poster.

A perfect summer bag.

The bus roof has been raised! I love following Katie’s bus to home transformation!

Waiting 4 hours at the airport gave me time to answer emails. I’m soooo thankful for that! I had no problem with having a delayed flight.

Oh my gosh! SCANDAL! #totallyteamjake

Love seeing my busy bodies Soul and Brave making presents for their big sisters birthday.

Had fun meeting Summer, Holly, and Ashley on Monday. Such a great group of gals and I love the cool things they do on their blogs! You should check it out…

It’s almost May, that means it’s almost time for my book to come out! AHHH!!! Did you order it yet?! Don’t forget, if you pre-order, you can get a special pack. If you’re overseas and pre-ordered, email me, and I think we can figure something out to get you that pack. Order it here or at any of the other places listed on my sidebar.

Happy weekend friends!


stop and blow some bubbles

DSC_5948 DSC_5923 flowers DSC_6071 DSC_6087 DSC_6037 stop and blow the bubbles bubbles and flowers bubbles and flowers DSC_6098 After running errands one afternoon, the girls and I went to check out a new park that opened up near us. It’s a massive park, well not Central Park massive, but suburban massive. It’s just a whole lot of green, a lot of field, and would be fun to ride bikes on the designated bike paths. Note to self: time to teach True and Brave how to ride a two-wheeler (must buy one first). We brought bubbles with us and though half of it spilled in the car (on them), they still had fun blowing what was left over.

True had been asking me a for a long dress (she likes to copy me and I have a couple maxi dresses I wear all the time), so I’m glad they’re in style right now with the kiddos and Old Navy had this one to try out. Brave isn’t much into dresses these days, so I knew this romper would be perfect for her, with a Spider-Man hat of course. Soul loves skirts, as long as they’re short, and the baby, well, she’s fine with anything, just don’t try to take her bubbles away.

I’ve got a couple parenting books I’m currently going through, and one was reminding me that when I think of my kids as a “handful,” or the phrase, “You’ve got your hands full,” to think of it as a handful of blessings. I don’t know about you, but when I hear “handful” in reference to kids, I automatically think of the chaos. This week, I’ve been trying to rework my brain to think of “handful” as blessings. I know they are, but on those days when it’s all about survival and trying to get to bedtime, I forget. I don’t want to forget, and I want to constantly grow in wisdom and be more loving, and cherish these crazy moments. Hence, the reading of parenting books. We need more days like this when we go out to blow some bubbles and pick some flowers because it really does all of us so much good.

on me: dress, thrifted (altered here). shoes, thrifted. on true: maxi dress and sun hat, c/o old navy. shoes, salt-waters. on brave: railroad striped romper and superhero cap, c/o old navy. shoes gap kidson soul: flutter top and denim skort, c/o old navy. boots, thrifted. on glow: floral romper and sandals, c/o old navy.

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