out to school: 3/2

out to school out to school I’m thankful for our homeschool program that allows these two to go to school once a week. It’s a great way to give them social interaction as well as expose them to other types of classes and teachers. This year they are in Earth science, theatre, Spanish, and music class. My girls are super shy (mostly True), but I’m hoping this exposure allows them to figure things out a bit more socially. I think True would be shy even if she did attend traditional school, it’s just her personality and she’s an introvert. When they’re home though, or around people they’re comfortable with, these girls are a whole other story. They are little performers at home!

Brave wore another handmade dress to school this week (made for her on this birthday). She says handmade dresses are her favorite. This weekend, True learned how to braid, so she’s wearing her first yarn braided necklace. I love seeing these girls appreciate handmade things.

on brave: dress, handmade here. short, misha lulu. on true: top, target. shorts, misha lulu. drawings, made in photoshop using my tablet by me!


they’re growing up

mama and the big girls mama and the big girls mama and the big girls mama and the big girls Motherhood is a roller coaster. It’s exhilarating and scary all in one. I’m thankful for it and I learn everyday how to grit my teeth and trust God through it. I love it, but I know I need to continue to consciously fight to respond correctly and have joy in the midst of the crazy. And with 4 girls, there are a lot of crazy! I’ve been reading The Excellent Wife book with some other girls from our church family and it’s been so encouraging. I go through the day just trying to keep my head above water that I forget the joy. My focus is to just survive. I’m praying and learning how to do all things with joy, even if it means cleaning up the same mess ten times (this happens a lot!). I make a lot of mistakes and need a lot of grace and forgiveness. These girls are growing up fast and I don’t want them to learn from me to merely exist, but I want them to consciously have joy in God through all they do and do things that count. These are just some thoughts of things I have been focusing and praying on.

Here’s to a brand new week!

on me: shirt, kohls (for 10 bucks and I had a ten dollar gift card!). skirt, kohls (like 3 years ago). necklace, salvage life. on brave: dress, homespun vintage. crochet baubles, ava mae & ruby lu vintage. on true: dress, misha lulu. headband, frankie & sue. on glow: dress, gifted from grammy. where’s soul? she didn’t want to take a picture.



new specs This week’s been great. Despite being a shorter week since Monday was a holiday, it felt really long. It’s also been crazy hot, so we stay inside and there’s been a lot of learning, playing, and cuddling in bed (of course, there was fighting and yelling throw in the mix somewhere too).

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I asked Soul her prayer request and she said, “That I trust God and my mom won’t lell (yell) at me.” So cute and funny!

Glow had two falls this week and busted her lip twice. That girl is so clumsy!

I’d love to make these crowns with the girls.

I don’t know if I could pull off a jumpsuit, but this one makes me wish I could.

These comfy dresses (that require no ironing after wash) look so fun for kiddos! Excited to have City Kid on board.

Love the fashion style in Le Catch. Most pieces are not in my price range, but it’s a fun blog read.

Thankful for my sweet husband who comes home and surprises me with ice cream. I love ice cream!

This vintage tapestry bag is cute and on sale!

The Salvage Life grand opening party is on Sept. 21st from 6-10pm (see invite here). I’m going, I think you should go too! Plus, there will be drinks and cupcakes and live music from Me & Mr. Cassidy, so you won’t want to miss out on this fun evening! RSVP to hello@salvagelife.com so Beth knows how many cupcakes to have!

Oh! Officially signed up for the Zombie Run on Sept. 28th! Anyone in SoCal want to join? The bigger the group, the better! See last year’s zombie run here.

Happy weekending friends. We have nothing planned, but the next three weekends will be busy, busy, so we welcome having a restful weekend.


family meals: week 49

pho pho Vietnamese Chicken Pho. It’s good every time. This time I made the broth just using chicken breasts (tastes just as good!). It was a lot faster since I didn’t have to de-bone and there wasn’t as much fat. I’m definitely going to do it this way from now on.

black bean soup black bean soup Black Bean Soup. Another favorite of ours. During this cooking week, I made a batch so big that I stuck a couple bags in the freezer. I took it out and had instant dinner!

Week of 9/9 – 9/13
Monday: Spaghetti
Tuesday: Tacos (or Sopas)
Wednesday: White Chicken Chili
Thursday: Leftovers (for dinner club)
Friday: Pizza/sushi night

I had diverted a bit from my planned menu. I was craving soups, which is pretty crazy because it’s over 100 degrees outside. I’m strange like that sometimes. We also didn’t have dinner club this week, so I didn’t need to make a giant batch of anything so my plan for this week is changed to next week. What was your favorite meal this week? Mine was the Pho. It’s just so good!


rewind to summer vacation: part 2

hiking hiking hiking hiking hiking hiking We did 3 family day hikes together, and one was about 5 miles long (roundtrip)! For that one we took the Williams Lake Trail, put Glow in the backpack and the three big girls walked it the whole time. They did such an amazing job and didn’t complain one bit! There were inclines, switchbacks, rocky and slippery parts and the girls did all of it. Ben and I were feeling so proud.

It was a gorgeous trail and there were a few change of sceneries, so it kept it interesting. We did take breaks to have some snacks (and catch our breath), but everyone was loving it. I don’t have many pictures because the forecast was predicting rain (we were brave to venture out despite the coming rain), so I didn’t bring my SLR. I did have my phone and snapped a couple photos as well as my polaroid, so both of those were enough to document our first official family hike.

We got to Williams Lake and the girls did their thing of throwing rocks. We knew there was a waterfall about a mile more, and though we were all spent, we thought, “What they hey! Might as well…” So off to the waterfall we went. We were all paired off most of the way. Ben had Glow, I was with True, Brave and Soul would alternate between Grandmama and their Auntia Suzi. On the way back though, Brave was lone ranger and insisted on leading the pack. I think she was so proud of how they managed this long hike (we came praising them for their job well done!) that she wanted to show us that she could lead. Her little legs kept her at least 40-50 feet ahead of us (she was always in sight). From start to finish the whole hike took us about 5 hours.

The weather was perfect and to be surrounded by so much beauty was just so other worldly. Makes me want to sell our house in the suburbs and live in the mountains, which we would gladly do if the opportunity ever presented itself. Just thinking about this special hike with my girls, Ben’s mom and sister brings back so many good memories and gives me a heart of gratitude. It was such a joy to accomplish something like this as a family. This was the start of all us getting bitten by the hiking bug.



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