our trek for ice cream

my little ladies and me my little ladies my little ladies and me my little ladies and me It was one of those “we need to get out of the house” days and RJ (baby sister) was over, so we took this opportunity to go do some adventuring. We did some thrifting (found nothing) and then got the bestest ice cream ever. It’s a bit of a drive for it, and Ben thinks I’m crazy to do so, but he doesn’t understand how good it is. It’s seriously bomb dot com.

ice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream glow ice cream ice cream my little ladies and me A la Minute Ice Cream is made to order using liquid nitrogen! Say what?! Not sure how it works, but look at that picture above with all the smoke, that’s how it works. It’s pretty much made for you in a minute. It’s utterly amazing! My fave flavors are their salted caramel and chocolate lavender… oooh so good! Our friend Steph, who introduced us to the ice cream, texted me the other day to tell me they had pumpkin. Unfortunately, the day we went, they had just sold out that morning. They said they were making another pumpkin one, so that means we will just have to make the trek back. I was bummed, but excited because that means we have to go back. There was also a thrift store that was closed that we want to check out, so another day of ice cream and thrifting must happen again very soon.


DIY: boo banner on ABM

boostyled-abm boostyled-abm This banner is a quick (and festive!) way to spruce up your home for Halloween. Head over here to check out the how-to and maybe you’ll have some other fun saying you’ll want to put on a banner for your home! I made one awhile back (see here), but this one is much better in getting the letters to stay up and not be floppy.



rain Holy moly it rained! Then it cooled off. It was just 100 degrees last Sunday and I’m hoping that was the last hurrah of summer. I’ve been in cozy sweats since Wednesday, so I’m kinda feeling good about it.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I love these girls, even with all the chaos that ensues daily, I’m so thankful for them.

We had an impromptu girls’ wine and cheese night this week and it was awesome.

This chair is just so rad. If it came to live here, I wouldn’t mind.

This wedding proposal and wedding all done in the same day is really so sweet! I love what they said about what makes their relationship tick. That’s what makes my relationship with Ben tick too.

If you’re a 9, I love these vintage ankle booties (great price too!) or these woven ones for a size 7 is awesome!

We’re planning a trip to San Luis Obispo soon, so send over your recommended places to eat and visit please!

I loved that I actually got to wear layers this weekend. Yay!

My baby sister started her World Race blog. I can’t believe she’ll be leaving us in a year. I start to tear up just thinking about it.

I’m probably going to the Oh, Hello Friend 5 year party on Friday, anyone else going to go too?

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was fabulous. Mine was as I got to clean my bathroom and we took the girls to Disneyland!!!


family meals: week 51

family meals family meals Chicken Enchiladas. This is one of our faves (you can do a search for it here and can see I’ve made it plenty of times). I can now pretty much make this without having to look at the recipe. Brave isn’t much of a meat eater, so I made her a batch of cheese enchiladas. According to her, they were quite yummy too.

family meals family meals Crab Cakes and Lemon Aioli. Just realized I had this is the last family meal post, but we liked it so much, that I was itching to try it again. The first time was with canned crab meat (non-refrigerated) and it was good. This time, I got some refrigerated lump crab meat and it came out a lot better. I didn’t use hot sauce, but made two batches, one with 1 tbsp cayenne and one without. I also used a whole bundle of chopped parsley instead of the measly tablespoon the recipe calls for. Another change is that I lightly pan-fry instead of using a 1/2 cup of oil like the recipe suggests. True is allergic so she got a personal pan pizza that night; I want to try it next time with a batch of imitation crab just for her.

Week of 10/14 – 10/18
Monday: Spaghetti
Tuesday: Fish Tacos
Wednesday: Spring Minestrone with Chicken Meatballs
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Pizza/Sushi

We’ve been having our dinner clubs almost weekly and it’s about 10-12 of us. I’d love to hear some of your go-to meals for large groups! It’s been such a blessing to have this time with our friends (and new friends) who join us. Sharing meals together is pretty much always guaranteed to be filled with lots of laughs and encouragement!


diy: going batty garland

going batty garland bat garland bat garland Well, I’m going batty making all these batty things. Actually, I was probably batty to begin with, so this is just an outpour of who I am. No matter what came first, me being batty or the bat inspiration, this is our October garland for this year.

Bat template
Black card stock
Sewing Machine

Directions: Using your bat template, trace and cut out your bats from the black card stock. Then straight stitch down the center of all the bats connecting them together! There you go, now you’re probably pretty batty too!

bat garland We probably have a few more Halloween projects to do for fun in our house, but I think we’re pretty much done with our decor. We need to get to the fun projects that the kids can play with! Plus, having simple little touches throughout our home is good enough for us!

So now you’ve got two simple projects from the same template (see the bat mobile)… if you make it and share it, please leave a link to it in the comments! I would love to check it out!



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