and they grow, grow, grow

September 3, 2008

So a growth chart is absolutely necessary with 2 little growing ones in our house…
This was a simple and easy project (I saw a growth chart similar to this somewhere a long time ago, so if anyone knows what I am talking about, please let me know, so I can link to it). Now, I am not a fan of clowns or the primary colored or the too kiddy looking growth charts out there, nor did I want to ruin my walls, and I really wanted something that would match my decor. Plus, I wanted it to be simple and timeless and could easily be passed down…

So I purchased, some of what I think is burlap-ish, upholstery-ish kind of band (I really like the natural look of it), along with a thin dowel, and I already had the tags and twine at home…

Next, I measured it out to be 5′ 2” long. I folded 1” at the top and topstitched it to make a casing for the dowel, and I repeated the same thing at the bottom. Then, I cut the dowel to get two 5” pieces (my dowel edges are rough cause I just used scissors) and inserted one at the top and another at the bottom. I tied some twine to the top and “Voila!” I got myself a simple and lovely growth chart…
Lastly, I measured it 1 foot off the ground, so that it would extend up to 6 feet. Hey! You never know… one of my girls might get real tall!!! I had my little True-y and Brave-y stand up as straight as they could against it, I made a tiny mark, took my measuring tape and measured it from the ground up and wrote their name, date, and height on a little tag and pinned in right in its perfect place! They seemed to really like this and kept wanting to get measured… it was too darn cute!

Then, I was thinking this could be done with anything from fabric to ribbon! Instead of using a tag and safety pin, clothespins could also be used…
It really is so nice and simple that it could be passed down for ages and have the special little tags saved.

If interested, I have enough to make another, so leave a comment here and on Friday, if there is more than one person interested, I will pick another name! I guess kind of like another giveaway… plus, it gets you to come out and say, “Hello!”
Well, I hope you had a good Tuesday, mine has been a little crazy! My girls are extra boisterous and I have been dealing with lots of poop accidents… yikes!!!

Now, I am off to do some work for my Benny and don’t forget to leave a comment if you are interested in this simple chart…

***this was idea found here (thanks to those who informed me!). Go buy it from her… it is fabulous! ***

19 comments on “and they grow, grow, grow”

  • Hey Ruby, I found you through your comment on my blog (thanks, by the way!). I just had to say how much I love that picture of your little girl getting measured! That expression – too cute! I’d have that one framed!! Well, I love the measuring system you came up with because I agree completely with your aversion to silly baby animals and such all over things. So, you can count me in on your drawing!

  • lena-rie says:

    I too would love a simple chart, I would purchase one! The crowns are adorable, I am new to your designs, but am instantly in love with them! My little Claire just turned one but I can’t wait to get her a crown for her second birthday. On another note, I have started a blog about all things I find and love for my lil peanut, and I would love to mention your items on there if that’s okay?

  • melindakimbo says:

    first day of school. i wanna crawl in a hole and just sleep for the rest of the day. … but time to go to my school now. boohoo. i rather be sitting at home crafting with you.

  • Rubyellen says:

    Lena-rie- nice to meet you! yes, i would love for your to mention Cakies on your blog… thank you!

  • katy b says:

    very cute! (the chart and your daughter!)
    hope I win!

  • everyone has been telling me I need to get a growth chart! This is such a fun idea!

  • Renae says:

    I love your little girl’s face–it looks like she is thinking “if I try really hard I might just grow a little more right now.”

    Great idea and I love how it looks too. My kids always want to know how tall they are and we’ve never come up with anything great to show and keep track of it.

  • Rachel says:

    I just searched blogger today for “growth chart” because I really want to make one for my little girl and I came across yours. Yay! I love this idea. If I don’t win, I’m going to go out and make one. It’s about time! Thanks for the idea and inspiration!

  • Hibler House says:

    This is so cute! I too hate the traditional ones, and always just used the door jam when I was growing up. This is definitely timeless. Thanks for the info on how you made it. I’ll have to make one soon! And I love True’s face (love your daughters’ names bytheway) in that picture where she’s getting measured. Too cute. But as always, everything you do it cute and wonderful! Thanks again!

  • Always and forever a huge fan…
    Hailie is obsessed with her cakie clips by the way..we will be buying more very soon..
    Again you amaze me by coming up with the most brilliant idea for a tradition I never really got on bored with as everything out there was so always so corny..and we all know how us mommy’s are about matching our home decor, that’s what it is all about isn’t it??
    Anyways, would love to win this fabulous height chart..

  • ~ Kim ~ says:

    So terrific!! DD2 keeps pulling hers off our wall so this one should stay put. That one is too fabulous and simple. Both my kids would benefit from having this. Fingers crossed.

  • The Lenart's says:

    Hi. I’ve been following on your blog for a while. Love your style, photos, ideas,… Your idea for the growth chart is marvelous. I think my son Enzo wouldn’t mind being measured. It would just be a daily activity as he is obsessed with growing big. 3 year olds. 🙂

  • Oliver Rain says:

    Oh my goodness she is cute. I love that little nose of hers.

  • I absolutely love everything about your blog! Your daughters are beautiful and I love all of your designs! I am a new fan! 🙂 I would love to win your sweet growth chart and I am for sure going to convince my hubby we need to get a crown for our princess!

  • I just found your blog from another blog, and I absolutely love it! You are so talented. The growth chart is amazing!

  • Rubyellen says:

    Cham, rob and lexi- oh so nice to meet you! you missed this giveaway by one week, but come back… i am going to have another soon!

    msgottfredson- nice to meet you too! thank you so much… you are so sweet!

  • Whitney says:

    That idea is from Miss Natalie on etsy. :-p

  • ash says:

    Here is the link to Miss Natalie:

    Just found your blog today!

  • Rubyellen says:

    Whitney and Ash- Thanks so much! I couldn’t remember where as I saw it long ago, but I am so glad now!!! She is the best growth chart maker. Thank you!!!

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