fall-ebration: gardening

October 12, 2009

We harvested the last of our tomatoes, uprooted plants that are done for the season, and got the ground ready for the next season’s seeds. We all absolutely love gardening though it is all still very new to us and we have a lot more to learn. It is also very cool that Brave and True get really involved and aren’t afraid to get dirty. Our girls are pros at balancing their wheelbarrows too! Thus, we enjoyed a Saturday of smelling new dirt and digging. I really love the smell of the soil. It smells kinda like rain. We still have a long way to go, but we can’t wait to reap the new harvest in a few months.
their three wheelbarrowsthe three amigosour raised bedsworking hardhi baby and gardening shoesthe last of the tomatoesgrubs anyone?
Amidst our readying the soil, we found lots of these creepy, slimy things. We kinda freaked out (we are new to this stuff) and thinking they were bad, we (okay, Ben) went through the soil looking for all of them to toss. They were found near the roots and there were tons!!! Now, we learn after visiting a nursery that they are called grubs and okay for the garden. I guess they just turn into beetles of sorts. Can anyone confirm that? Are those scary looking bugs really alright for our garden?
I love this gardening stuff, but I’m not quite used to the bugs. Hornworms I can deal with, but these things give me the heebie jeebies!!!
I am also getting ready for a shop update at the end of this week. It will be some more cameos and fall hair clips. I want to get at least one shop update each week until I go on my little hiatus to rest before baby. I am thinking of closing the shop beginning-mid November and won’t be open again probably until February, so if you need something for Christmas, you better let me know now!
Happy Monday!!!

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