March 31, 2010

That pretty much sums up my life right now.
lots of bunting to be made
I have piles of clean laundry to put away. Piles of dirty laundry to wash. Piles of projects to get done. Piles of toys all over the house. Piles of dishes in the sink. Basically, piles of messes everywhere. Oh and this huge pile of bunting waiting to be sewn for the wedding! Golly gee… I want all the piles to disappear! Seriously, my house is a mess not like the house you see here or here.
I can get a bit stressed thinking about all the piles I am surrounded with. It sometimes seems like things will never get clean or a certain project will never be done, but I must remind myself to take it one step at a time. One pile at a time, so now I am off to do just that. Wish me luck!

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