May 27, 2010

on the attack
Soul is now able to do more than just sleep and lie there, so the two big sisters have been interacting with her more. It is really cute! True has been trying to read her two little sisters some stories, but with Soul becoming more mobile, it is kind of difficult. Soul is on a mission to attack any book in her way!
I so wish I had Soul’s tenacity at attacking, cause if I did, maybe I would have conquered a lot of my unfinished projects in front of me! Shop update is coming, I just have to finish a big order and get ready for Renegade. Yup! So far, I am signed up to do Renegade in L.A. on July 24-25th, but I just need to find the time to craft up a storm! At least I have until July 1st to back out in case being a mama of three never gives me the time to get ready. I hope some of you plan to stop by and say hi (if I am there, but if I don’t sell, I will be there looking around)!!!
winner announced.

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