random wrapping

November 5, 2010

I can be a hoarder when it comes to cutesy things like tickets, old papers, or random pages that come from other packagings, so when I wasn’t in the mood for a plain old bow, this is what I came up with.
random wrapping
The pages don’t mean anything in particular for this little gift, but it just became fun layering things together to make a cute little wrapping. I am suddenly in the mood to wrap presents because wrapping this present up was fun!

True then saw me taking a picture of my little creation, so she got her own little creation ready for a picture too!

true's creation
She said, “Take a picture of my present, Mama!” Thus, snap away I did.
True wants me to tell you that her creation is a flower thing that she is keeping for herself, so if you thought that little concoction was coming your way… you thought wrong.
Do you guys have any fun, unconventional ways to wrap or decorate presents?
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