our happy fourth

July 5, 2011

We were pooped out from a busy weekend (my sis’s engagement party on Saturday, church and errands on Sunday) and it is much too hot of late, so we opted to stay home on the fourth. Ben (and I) also had a bit of work to do, so staying cool indoors sounded like the best option. We stayed in our pajamas all day, put on some fun kid movies, and watched them all day long with the girls (while we got some of our work done).
We did some fourth-ish things in the evening as Ben cooked up some salmon burgers and I whipped up a teeny strawberry shortcake for each girl to enjoy. I have made these yummy cakes three weeks in a row (recipe coming on Wednesday when I share our Cake Party!). I ought to take a break from baking, but I probably won’t cause it is too much fun and sometimes cravings just come.
our fourth of julyour fourth of july
I explained to the girls that today was the United States of America’s birthday, so we needed to sing happy birthday. Our red and white was our strawberry shortcake and we stuck on a blue sparkler candle on top. It was the perfect way to celebrate!
our fourth of julyour fourth of julyour fourth of julyour fourth of july
Each girl got their own cake in front of them, and nice and loud we all sang, “Happy Birthday United States…” over and over again. I think we sang the birthday song about 5 times. Once all the happy singing was over, they blew out their candles and indulged their tummies with yumminess.
our fourth of julyour fourth of julyour fourth of julyour fourth of julyour fourth of july
They plowed through their cakes as there was not much left. Soulie was pretty fussy throughout dinner, but once that cake was put in front of her, her mood change dramatically. After dinner, Ben read them stories and put them to bed. Their firework viewing was done on their cakes and our neighborhood had their fireworks show last Saturday (yeah I know, kinda lame), so we didn’t head out to watch any tonight. It was a simple way to celebrate this special day for our country.
Maybe next year, we will venture out and be a bit more festive, but we are such homebodies that we have no problem staying home too! How did you celebrate the fourth?

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