made with our tomatoes

August 10, 2011

fresh pico de gallo
We finally made something with some of our fresh tomatoes. Last night, Ben made a mean pico de gallo using our tomatoes, cilantro, serrano peppers, lime, and some salt. It was so yummy and there was a lot of it, but we loved it so much there isn’t very much left. This batch and this batch is now all gone, and I can’t wait until we can harvest another big grouping of goods. We all eat the little ones like grapes and the big ones like apples morning, noon, and night!
Today, I am off to a homeschool conference all day long so you can be sure I will be soaking up all I can. I am glad that the week is flying by cause there are some fun things I am looking forward to this weekend.
Enjoy your Wednesday friends!!!

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