vintage here, vintage there: sunday afternoon

August 19, 2011

vh, vt
This whole picture session first started out awry. It was after church and Soulie was pretty cranky (see first picture), True and Brave were complaining, and Ben was kinda hangry (hungry + angry, which is a word made by the BFF). Eventually, everyone gave me several minutes of cooperation and we snapped some photos. After which, we hopped in the car and headed home and all the girls knocked out within the first few minutes. If you ever think my girls are always so cooperative for photos, they aren’t. They’re real kids after all.
vh, vt
Ben and True were being little hams together in the back, they are both so similar, Ben relates so much better to True than I do. It is so interesting to watch each child’s differences and how you really do have to deal with each child differently. Each of them is very special and I can’t wait to get this fourth one in the mix!
I really need to do some reorganization of closets in a major way. I am bad at putting away summer clothes in the winter and winter clothes in the summer and since we live in Southern California, don’t all the seasons seem to blend together anyways?! Rachel got hers organized earlier this week and I probably should do the same, but my nesting fire burned out long ago and now I am in survival mode with three kids. I also took a nice long break from buying any vintage clothes for the girls, since our closets are jammed packed, but lately I have succumbed to adding more to our collection because some dresses are too pretty to resist!
Once again, my only vintage are my shoes, which I love (thanks Stacy for finding them for me!). I actually pulled my black maxi skirt up into a tube dress, my mama bought me this crop top from H&M and I just put that on top. The top is a random print of safety pins, but I love it so much! I also got bored putting my hair up all the time, so now I leave it down, but I need a hair cut in a bad way. Time to make an appointment with the stylist sister.
on me: dress, target. crop top, h&m. shoes, vintage via marie’s vintage. bracelet, vintage.
on true: dress, misha lulu. shoes, salt-waters c/o tea. hair bow, h&m.
on brave: dress, vintage. shoes, salt-waters.
on soul: dress, vintage c/o little reader vintage. leather booties, handmade by me a long time ago (see here).
I have mentioned Misha Lulu here many times before as it is one of our most favorite children clothing brands, and Misha Lulu has big news as her fall line includes a collaboration she did with Sanrio for Hello Kitty! True’s dress is from that line and I have seen the rest and it is pretty wonderful. I am not all too keen on cartoon characters all up on children’s clothing, but this collaboration is too pretty and has such a handmade feel that I really couldn’t resist some pieces. I am sure you will be seeing my girls sporting more of it in the coming weeks in this space. Misha Lulu has such a whimsical, vintage feel that it is no wonder that Hello Kitty really wanted to be part of that Misha Lulu world. There are even coats this fall season that are just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
Pretty things on my etsy favorites list (buy them, so I won’t be tempted) : black and green, red bird wrap, sunny cotton day dress, alice floral skirt, cream mocs, and woven flats
The weekend is upon us (ours will be pretty packed with parties) and I will be back later with my Friday recaps! Don’t forget to head over to Rachel’s later to see what pretty things they wore to celebrate her birthday over at the Red Velvet shop.

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