September 15, 2012

instagram Just because she is the darndest cutest little thing, I am of course biased, you get another picture on her birthday morning.

This week’s learned and links…

Glow is ONE!!!

Soul adores True and Brave even though she pesters them so much!

Such a pretty lady with pretty pictures living in Puerto Rico.

The girls are loving the new hammock!

I like Everlane tees. Got one for Ben and me and they are good quality and comfy.

Carefully coveting this necklace.

If I weren’t trying to purge, this kid vintage shop would have left my wallet empty.

Love Mandi’s nursery tour. So cute!

This week has been bit tougher week for me and Ben. We have some personal things going on, which forces us to pray together and cling to Jesus more together because we are just so helpless. I think I often mentally psyched myself out to think I am strong and that I can handle things, but really I am not. I am quite controlling about my life, but life does happen and there are just some things you just can’t control. We are learning to let go and pray more.

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