i pinned raspberry lemon cream cheese cupcakes

April 2, 2013

raspberry lemon cupcakesraspberry lemon cupcakesraspberry lemon cupcakesraspberry lemon cupcakesI pinned these cupcakes and boy did they turn out yummy! Get the original recipe here from Pastry Affair. I made them for our Easter picnic and the girls loved them (and I had the same paper cups so I did mine the same way). My slight change though is that instead of 4 cups of powdered sugar for the frosting, I just used 2 and a half. I got the consistency I needed using less sugar, so I figured I’d stop before it went into calorie overload because it already had plenty.

Other than that, not much else to say but try the recipe… it’s yummy! Have you pinned any good recipes lately and then made it to see if it’s as yummy as it looks? This one was definitely as yummy as it looks!

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