diy: cardboard roll turkey

November 19, 2013

roll turkey diyroll turkey diyroll turkey diyroll turkey diyroll turkey diyroll turkey diyroll turkey diyThanksgiving is right around the corner and turkey projects for kids are a must! Little hands will love inserting lots of colorful feathers to make this turkey tail.

1. 20 -30 feathers (I used 3″-5″ duck feathers purchased from here)
2. Screwdriver (or pen for poking)
3. Scissors
4. Cardboard craft roll (from toilet roll or can be purchased here)
5. Cardboard Turkey Roll template
6. Colored pencils
7. Glue
8. Tape

1. Print the template onto card stock (or redraw yourself) and cut out. Color the turkey. I left my body plain and just colored the bill and waddle, but when my girls make their own, I’m sure they will be coloring all over the place.
2. Poke scattered holes on one end of the roll. Be gentle and provide support on the inside with your fingers to prevent the roll from tearing when you poke. I used a screwdriver for some holes, but found the pen is sufficient as well. The amount of holes you need to poke will depend on if you want a fuller or leaner turkey tail.
3. On the opposite end of the roll, where there are no holes, add a bit of glue around the ring of the roll and attach to the back of the turkey template. Add some tape to secure in place.
4. Insert a feather quill into each hole until all holes are filled. This activity is perfect for little hands to do. roll turkey diyturkey rollGobble! Gobble! Tomorrow will definitely involve making more of these little turkeys with my girls. The turkeys would even be cute as a place cards for Thanksgiving dinner. Or you can make a bunch of different sizes and group them together on the mantle.

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