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March 14, 2015

lifelifeLife was insanely busy and so I disappeared. From time to time, I will work as a craft stylist and my most recent job was for Family Fun Magazine. It was two weeks of prepping for our upcoming shoot and just normal busy life with my family. Something had to go, so updating the blog did, and all my free time went towards prepping for the shoot. Don’t worry, I’m made sure to carve out rest time for me and fun activities for the girls. The shoot was this past Wednesday, and I was so tired on Thursday, but finally felt back to normal on Friday.

I hadn’t felt that busy since I was writing my book, but while I love the challenge and rush of having to prep for a big project, I definitely enjoy not being so busy too. You just never know the different things life will throw at you. Sometimes it’s good, bad, sad, and just plain crazy, but it’s life. I’m thankful for all of it!

We are taking the girls to see a play this weekend and my parents come back from their 3 week tour of Europe, so we get to see them tomorrow. Also, excited about getting to gather with church family on Sunday and get refreshed with the word of God. There’s so much more I want to share and other good things I found around the internet, but taking care of taxes is on today’s agenda too. Ugh. Happy weekend friends!


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