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October 14, 2015

A couple months ago, I filmed a couple food segments with FM in the AM and wonderful host Susie Meister. They segments are live now, so you can learn how to make paper plate cake plates, or watch me conquer a “DIY with 5 Supplies” challenge and come up with a “Chocolate Fix in 46.”

Boy was I a ball of nerves, but the whole crew made me feel so comfortable. The girls love watching the videos because to them I was on a “Cutthroat Kitchen” type of show since I was given a food challenge. Ben laughs during the “DIY with 5 Supplies” segment because I’m totally not using the knife safely. I was so nervous, and it was a knife I wasn’t used to using that my chopping skills there are terrible, so don’t chop like I do in that video. And as you can see in the photos above, I’m such a shorty that I had to stand on an apple box. Now, I know how Tom Cruise feels like. HA! I hope you enjoy watching the segments (it’s always interesting to hear what a blogger actually sounds like) and I encourage you to try out the recipes and projects … they are really simple and delicious!


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