September 9, 2017

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

The Saxon Math program has been a hit with True and Brave, but I think it’s a little easy for them. I’m thinking about adding in Math-U-See into the mix. Anyone have any experience with that program? Math is the subject I struggle with most (patience-wise), so I like the idea of a video teaching them.

Thankful for staying on task this week; we got a lot of school and even ahead of the game for next week.

Loving my kidless Fridays! The girls all go to school on Fridays now, so it gives me time to get things done. Unfortunately, I had to spend most of my first Friday cleaning their rooms (and getting rid of junk while they aren’t there), but hopefully I’ll get more of my own work done next time.

We had such a fun time doing an outdoor movie night with our neighbors. We had popcorn, nacho bar (think fancy nachos topped with chorizo… yum!), hot dogs, candy and chips galore. It’s funny to think we lived next to our neighbors for 9 years and all we ever did was wave from our driveway. It’s been a blessing this past year to step out of comfort zone (houses) and spend time getting to know the people we live next to. You can’t love thy neighbor, if you don’t know thy neighbor.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this space and how blogging has changed so much since I started. I have mixed feelings about it, so much I still love, but so much I’m “eh” about. I ought to sort out my feelings in a post. For those of you who still check here often, I’m thankful for you (and thankful for those who’ve invested time in the past too).

If you’re a denim dress lover like me, pick up one in the WOVENFOLK etsy shop and cause use the code CAKIES for 10% off denim currently in the shop.

This vintage silk blouse is awesome. Someone get it.

Glow turns 6 this week and she requested a “shape birthday” celebration, so I ordered this book for her.

We’re in Halloween prep mode. The girls have costume requests and I have lots to do. Oye!

To those affected by Irma (or in Irma’s path), Harvey, the Mexico earthquake… we are praying for you. So much heartache and devastation recently, and while it’s easy to forget while living in this busy bubble of raising small children (and the disasters not personally seen), the hurt and devastation is real out there. We are all but mere dots on this earth and life really is such a vapor, but we can’t live our lives ignorant of others and the pain they feel (racism included). It’s especially easy to ignore the issues of the world (and our own country) in the plush comfort of capitalism USA. I too fall in this trap and become insensitive to the needs of others. Let’s all start with the simple act coming out of the comfort of our own homes and getting to know our neighbors. Hear their stories, get to know their backgrounds (learn from each other), and be active in serving one another.

Thanks for checking in here, friends!

p.s. these are the blocks pictured above.


3 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Liv says:

    I’m reading your blog for years and really love it, although I’m always hesitating to leave a comment, because I live on another part of the planet and have completely different life. Since there is almost no Philippino or Mexican people living in my country 🙂 your blog is true discovery for me, looking at food you make and life you live. I’m a full-time working mom of 2 and also a crafter who enjoys sewing and redecorating. I have sewn a tent and house pillow case from your blog 🙂 My daughter is five and my son is two and there is NO homeschooling in my country (it is not legally regulated yet). So I love the things that you share about homeschooling, because it is a new world for me and I love working at home with my daughter some basic school stuff. Soooo, keep on blogging, there are lot of us around here reading your posts every day and enjoying it. I also follow your Instagram, but I love the stories behind the pictures, that you share here.

  • jane says:

    We’ve used Saxon Math all the way through (between my two daughters). It’s always super easy in the beginning, bc they are trying to build up again after that summer slump. We usually just cruise through the first bunch of lessons- a few a day- making sure they (and I) remember everything. Once we get into the meat of it, it’s not too easy. There is a book around grade 6 or 7 that you can skip (we did) if they are doing well in math (it’s explained in Well Trained Mind + via Saxon).

    I liked teaching the lessons, bc it helped me stay up to date with what + how they were learning. I don’t do video teaching, bc then I would not be able to help them when they get stuck. Even with video homework help, it will only be explained a certain way + may not answer their specific question.

    Hope the new school year is going well! 🙂

  • Hi Rubyellen!
    I love your blog and thought I’d pop over here to leave a comment for once. I read it via Feedly and yours is one of the very few blogs that I’m interested in going back through all the posts and seeing what I missed. I love your style and your home, especially your birthday posts, but I also love the candid authentic way you write about your faith.
    Blogging has changed a lot and yours is really refreshing.
    Lots of love from New Zealand xxx

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