May 20, 2020

Life’s changed in so many ways, but it also hasn’t. I think because we homeschool and I already work from home, much of life also feels the same. Like getting dressed… I still do that everyday. Being home has been my life, so getting dressed has always helped me feel more motivated to get the tasks of the day done. My work is in my home, so I get dressed for it. And I also I simply love expressing my mood through clothes, so getting dressed to go nowhere is still part of a creative process for me. My feet definitely miss going places though, in particular, wearing shoes. I have birkenstocks I wear around the house, but just wearing those have made my feet hurt, my feet need the varied heights from the shoes that I normally wear when going out. Thus, any new shoes that have come in, have become part of my indoor house shoe rotation, especially this pair of Shy Clogs in maple from Bird of Flight shoes.

Bird of Flight is such a cool, little indie brand filled with happy vibes. Their shoes make me long for sunshine and picnics in the park. With my Shy Clogs, I love how lightweight the clogs are, and the little detailed stitching in the front. That detail makes it feel a bit western. It’s like clogs and cowyboy boots got married and that makes me happy. Wood sole shoes are just my favorite, and while they are currently part of my house shoe rotation, I can’t wait to introduce them out to the real world. They did go on a drive though, where they met bougainvillea, as you can clearly see. But I clean up the soles after to disinfect, so they can go back to being house shoes again in the meantime.

Another reason I love Bird of Flight because it’s another lovely woman-run business. Shoes are handmade in Brazil and rooted in quality shoemaking by people who care about their craft and community. And I love how Naomi, the women behind Bird of Flight, described her mantra… “Design what you love.” And she came into her calling after bossing around a dude at the shoe store in sharing what she wish they had, and he responded with “Did you ever think about designing shoes?” That’s when the lightbulb went off for Naomi, and now here she is, and here I am getting to share about another business I admire. Bird of Flight is inspired by relaxed California style and nature, so it’s no wonder the designs spoke to this California girl.

As one who runs a small business myself, I’m so happy to share a bit of the story of other small businesses. I plan on doing more in this space as every small shop could definitely use the extra love going on in this season. Also, the dress I’m wearing is from vintage shop Louella Basil Vintage, which is another woman-run business I love. If you’ve been following me here for awhile, you know clogs are my fave, so add this one to your wishlist!


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I’d love to know some of your favorite woman-run businesses! Who’s been inspiring you lately?

what i’m wearing
dress: vintage from louella basil vintage
shoes: shy clogs from bird of flight
basket: vintage from wovenfolk

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