May 1, 2020


A perfect gift for Mother’s Day to leave hanging on someone’s door.



12” x 2.5” strip of cardboard


Coloring utensils



1. Print out 2 flower pages from template, and one banner page. Available through link in bio or directly from stories.

2. Color your pages and write your own special message on your banner.

3. Cut out the flower pieces and banner.

4. Arrange and glue your floral pieces and banner message onto your cardboard strip.

5. Carefully poke holes of each side of the cardboard strip. Attach a strand of yarn on each side securely.

Make your own sweet message on the banner and put it in the mail for someone special, or maybe even play ding dong ditch and leave it on their door to find. With Mother’s Day coming up in a little over a week, we’ll have to be creative how to celebrate the mothers in our life during this social distancing season.

And as always, love when you share it, simply tag and credit please. Thank you! See more #easyartaday projects here or simply follow along on instagram here.

If you don’t have access to a printer, feel free to make your own and share it with the rest of us!

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