May 20, 2020

These are strange times we’re currently living. Like generations who’ve gone before, and lived through hard seasons, I know we’ll be okay. Doesn’t make things easy now (and things may get harder), but I will choose to keep trusting God through this. This banner is a small pep talk in this uncertain season.


OKAY template

Craft felt, 2-3 sheets






1. Print out OKAY template or create your own to your desired size.

2. Cut out the letters from the template.

3. Use cut outs to cut letters from felt.

4. Fold one craft felt sheet in half lengthwise and cut off a small triangle off one end to give the banner a pointed end.

5. Fold back the too about 1.5” and glue the edge in place. Don’t glue the whole fold down so that there is space to feed the dowel through.

6. Arrange words on front of the felt banner and glue each letter in place.

7. Insert the dowel and cut out a 12” strand of yarn for hanging.

We added a cute little tassel for some extra pizzazz!

If you don’t have access to a printer, feel free to make your own and share it with the rest of us!

And as always, love when you share it, simply tag and credit please. Thank you! See more #easyartaday projects here or follow along on instagram here.

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