are you my mother?

May 17, 2010

Saturday we made our way to Laguna Beach to have breakfast by the seaside and hang out on the beach. This was my mother’s day wish. Little did I know, that they had a little story for me planned on the beach as well. It went something like this…
Ben asked, “Is a cat your mother?”
is a cat your mother?
True and Brave replied, “No!”
Ben asked again, “Is a chicken your mother?”
is a chicken your mother?
True and Brave replied, “No!”
Ben asked, “Is a cow your mother?”
is a cow your mother?
True and Brave replied, “No!”
“Is a dog your mother?”
is a dog your mother?
Again, True and Brave said, “No!”
“Is a car your mother?”
is a car your mother?
In unison they said, “No!”
“Is a plane your mother?”
is a plane your mother?
True and Brave exclaimed, “No!”
“Is a boat your mother?”
is a boat your mother?
Ben asked, “Is a snort your mother?”
is a snort your mother?
Together, True and Brave yelled, “No!”
Finally Ben asked, “Is your Mommy your mother?”
True and Brave said, “Yes! We love her very much!!! We love her very much!!! Woot!!! Woot!!!”
The ending was actually a little song and was adorably cute! I wish had this so that I could have gone back and forth filming and taking pictures, but well, it is not in the budget right now. I will wait patiently for when it is, but who knows how long that will be.
i love jumping pictures
After their little story, which was patterned after this book, we spent more time playing on the beach (see pictures here). It was a perfect day! Then, to make it even more perfect we went to Sprinkles and I got 2 yummy cupcakes, and we went on a little field tip to Anthropologie… such bliss! But I didn’t find anything… bummer. Breast feeding makes finding easy access clothes a challenge. Oh well! Then, we ended the day eating sushi. I was quite the happy mama as I got all my favorite things will my most favorite people!!!
I ended the night relaxing with a bubble bath and a cupcake. Ain’t life grand?
sprinkles means yum
How was your weekend? I hope it was just as magical!
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