October 31, 2018

The girls are all obsessed with The Greatest Showman, and Glow wanted to P.T. Barnum, so that set the stage for this year’s Halloween concept. P.T. Barnum, in this case, has a special variety of curiosities from Laura Ingalls Wilder, straight for the Prairie, to Luke Skywalker from a galaxy, far, far away, and Honey Lemon from Big Hero Six. We had wanted to replicate the scene in the movie where Barnum puts up the posters of the acts and then they all sing, “Come Alive,” but if you follow on instagram, you know we’ve added another Bratcher girl to our family, and she came earlier than planned, so we ran out of time to put a little song and dance number together, but I think these posters convey the story the girls wanted to share this year.

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Happy Halloween!!!


October 4, 2018

Our Brave is obsessed with all things 1980s, so for her 11th birthday, she requested an 80’s themed party. Her obsession started with the music, Ben introduced her, and now she’s always playing 80s music. While on our little Palm Springs get away, we set up this intimate celebration for her. Of course, every quintessential 80’s party must have that neon laser backdrop. I used this file and had it blown up to a 36″x48″ colored engineering print. It’s a bit grainy so large, but it did the job. And of course, everyone got their own 1980’s ‘do and I’m proud to introduce you to the Class of 1987…

I researched typical 1980s cake’s and pineapple upside down cake was one of them, but I wasn’t sure if my girls would like that one so much, so we went with a classic homemade chocolate cake with big pops of neon. We spent the rest of the weekend watching 80’s movies, 80’s documentaries, and jammin’ to our 1980’s playlist. We love our totally, radical, 1980’s loving girl!

Her birthday was back in August, so I’m a little late in sharing this, but life has been crazy for us lately. I’m behind in sharing lots of things and I have plenty of other things I want to share, but time these days… I just don’t have much of it.


September 13, 2018

Where did time go?!! This girl has grown in leaps and bounds this year in maturity, but she’ll forever be my baby kid! Her heart has grown so much in compassion and love for others, especially babies. She never really cared for babies before, and didn’t like when I held babies, but she loves them all so much now. I see that natural nurturer in her coming out, but I guess I’m not surprised because she has 3 older sisters that take real good care of her.

She’s my cuddle buddy. Loves to sleep. She deals with her problems by sleeping. Green is her favorite color. She will always have something green on. Hates reading, but loves math. Yoda is her favorite character. Doesn’t like dresses (though I hope she likes the birthday dress I made her). Loves to draw. Wants to be near all the babies. She’ll say I’m her best friend, but if Ben is around, she’ll make sure to say it’s the both of us. Doesn’t like the movie Coco. Wants to be a zookeeper. Loves short hair and is debating if she wants bangs. She’s our quirky kid and does and says random things, which she thinks makes her the funniest sister.

We love you, Glow! I know year 7 has some big things coming up for you and I can’t wait to see how God continues to grow that big heart of yours!  

Anyone been following since her birth or before? I’m sure you’re in shock she’s 7 too! Tell time to slowwww dowwwwn pleaseeee. Go down memory lane and read how I hypnobirthed her out into this world here.


July 9, 2018

It’s such a blessing to celebrate 13 years of God’s faithfulness in our marriage. We’ve walked, weathered, and worked out some of the kinks (there’s more to come for sure!) that happen when you put to stubborn sinners together. By God’s grace, we remain committed to this cycle of loving and forgiving just as Christ has done for us. We’ve had a couple big fights this year, and I even said “I despise you!” all mad and mean to his face, but seriously, thank you Jesus for grace and forgiveness and all the fun of making up afterwards. (Though we still don’t agree about the issue we were arguing about .)

This guy still makes my heart pitter patter, and when he’s at work I just think of his face and big heart and I get all melty. I still declare he’s the handsomest and I love every wrinkle and grey hair that’s made an appearance. (I call him my silver fox.) He’s grown in leaps and bounds in his love for our Savior this year, which just trickles down and blesses our family, and makes me even go more crazy for him.

The past year has been probably one of the toughest for our family, but God is good. He’s got plans better than ours, and we’re rolling with it, and I’ve got the best rolling partner there is. This guy was definitely made just for me!

Cheers to 13!


July 4, 2018

Most thankful for the freedom I have in Christ! Happy 4th of July friends!

Artwork by Brave Bratcher


June 19, 2018

Simple and sweet are his requests… a full day of gardening together as a family, and a full day is what he got. We worked together all day Saturday cleaning up the backyard and working on more garden projects. Then, we had had a nice family dinner outside. It felt like it should be a burger night, so I made homemade burgers paired with oven baked zucchini fries. Both were delicious, and when I find time to recreate it, I will share a recipe soon. On Sunday, we made him his usual breakfast, but served in bed, and then we came home Sunday night to family movie night and I made him his favorite dish (this recipe).

God has grown and stretched this guy in so many areas this year. I’m so thankful that the ripple effect of God growing his love for Jesus trickles down to our marriage and how he leads this family. He certainly exemplifies loving, servant leadership. Loved him when I first met him and love him even more with each passing day. (And sometimes I get pretty annoyed with him too, but thankful we eventually kiss and make up.)

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