February 12, 2018

Yarn Wire Word Art

1 skein of yarn
4 yards floral decorative wire
Wire cutter

1. Using finger knitting (tutorial here), create a 4 yard long garland.
2. Insert the wire through the back of the knitted garland, weaving it in and out of the yarn links. Fold 1″ of each end backwards.
3. Carefully bend your yarn-wire garland to create a word.

We made our word love in honor of Valentine’s Day, but once that day has come and gone, we will change it to Soul (since it designates her side of the room) and we will make another for Glow (for her side of the room). If you want another wire word art project, try this one out!

vintage bamboo bed frame: elsie green. kantha quilt: uncommon goods


February 7, 2018

Lollipop Flowers

Card stock
Crepe paper (two colors, for center of the flower and leaves)
Heart paper punch
Hole puncher

1. Punch out (or cut out) 4 hearts. Then, punch a hole at the bottom of each heart and fold each heart in half.
2. Wrap the lollipop head with two 4″ crepe paper (used 2 pieces to make sure lollipop was completely covered) and twist tightly at the base.
3. Insert the lollipop stick through the hole on the 4 hearts. Spread out the hearts to create the flower petals. Get the hearts as close to the base (the paper and lollipop wrapper help give the hearts a snug fit on the lollipop). Add dabs of glue if needed to secure the hearts in place.
4. Cut out crepe paper leafs and glue to the bottom of the petals.

Attach a little poem that says “Roses are red, violets are blue, if you were a flower, I’d pick you!” Also, the lollipop flowers would look really cute with a few together in a bouquet (maybe make using cake pops!) for a teacher. These would also work for Easter baskets too!


February 5, 2018

{no-sew heart bunting}

{felt heart clips}

{handmade tic-tac-toe}

{heart crown}

{heart headband}

{heart surprise balls}

{yarn wrapped wire sign}

{felt heart bag}

{chenille stem heart garland}

We have new Valentine’s projects to share this week and next, but here are some past ones I made to get you started.


January 29, 2018

I had so much fun making this macrame bag from jute rope. The various knots and repetition is very therapeutic. I didn’t use a pattern for this (I did mark and draw it out for future re-creation) and I used about 6 knots total. I’m ready for a second, but this time with cotton rope and maybe with a dip in the indigo vat.

If you want to learn macrame, gather your friends and host a workshop! Send me an email at my cakies at gmail dot com, if you’re interested!

what i’m wearing: top and skirt (similar top, similar skirt), vintage. shoes, loq.


January 24, 2018

For one of our daily art sessions, the girls took this photo (pictured above) and recreated it with oil pastels. I work alongside them too. I love seeing how they observe things and how they translate it, even Glow really gets into it. Our art sessions are one of the best parts of the day; they always look forward to it. Currently, we are working on creating a watercolor portrait of this photo.

Read about our kids make art project here.


January 19, 2018

My girls love painting together. They get in the zone and there’s no fighting! It’s fun to see the way they work and make room for each other. I called Ben upstairs when they were working on this piece, and he was awe at how they were cohesively working together. I’m the color monitor and pass out the colors to them, but what they create is all them.

This piece was made for my parents for Christmas and was inspired by a photo one of them took in Sedona during our family vacation. My parents loved it so much and it’s proudly hanging in their family room. We’ve continued with our small daily art pieces, but I might have them work on another big canvas this weekend. (I am still wanting more oversized art work throughout our home.)

See their other recent group painting here.

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