December 4, 2019

Whenever Ben asks me what I want for some occasion, besides giving the “Nothing, I don’t want to spend” answer I’ve been giving of late (due to budgetary purposes), it’s usually something like, “Oh, you know, rings and things.” HA! And he knows precisely what I mean about “rings & things.” Rings means antique/vintage pieces, or really simple modern ones to mix in with my antique pieces, and “things” usually mean shoes.

I love when I see older ladies wear ring stacks on their fingers. They usually have some cool, eclectic style going on. It’s interesting to me the rings they pick out, and I want to know the story on each of the pieces or why they placed certain ones together.

Recently, a friend of mine told me when we were in college, that I was trying to get her to add more accessories in her wardrobe and said something silly like “Once you accessorize, you never go back!” Yeah, I guess I’ve been nothing but consistent on that. I’ve either got big statement earrings on, layered necklaces, or ring stacks. And sometimes, all 3 of those at once.

Though ever since I can remember, rings have been my favorite accessory. When we’d go on family vacations, I’d always pick out some trinket of a ring to commemorate it. When I was 16, at Disneyworld, I picked out a sterling Tinkerbell ring. The following year, while vacationing in the Bahamas, my mom let me pick out a ring with the country’s official flower. So rings have marked special events and occasions for me, which it makes it even more special. It’s kind of always been just a preferred go-to piece of jewelry. 

Are you a rings & things gal? If so, I put together some pretty rings I’ve seen floating around on the internets (and shops I’ve personally shopped from myself). Some of them are on my Christmas wishlist, so maybe some of these are just what you have been looking for too.

I love the simple rings from AU-Rate. The mini circle ring is one of my go-to rings to wear for stacking. There are so many simple rings from AU-Rate that are perfect for stacking.
Jean Jean Vintage is always a fave spot to find shiny baubles to add to my wishlist. I have this Skull ring in rose gold and wear it often. It’s my memento mori ring to remind me of the brevity of life.
My first antique ring came from Erica Weiner; Ben got it for my as a surprise for finishing writing my book. If you like antique rings, Erica Weiner has you covered, if you prefer new, she’s got that too.
I love the dreamy rings on The Moonstoned. Each piece seems so mysterious and full of stories to tell. A garnet band has been on my ring wishlist and the deep color on this one is so beautiful.
The One I Love NYC is another one of my go-to places to look for antique rings. Ben proposed (on our 10th anniversary) with a ring from here. I really love this flower in the hand ring. It’s such a unique piece.


July 17, 2018

Saw this hat in an antique mall in Comfort, Texas and I immediately did a happy dance. It’s in pretty good condition and fit perfectly! It needed a bit of dusting and brushing (used this brush), but I’m happy I was the one to give it life again. There was another hat I found and loved, but the edges were a bit tattered, so I decided to leave it. Of course, after that, I was on a hunt to find another, and as the vintage fairy godmothers would have it, I found one on ebay, and for way less that the antique mall price.

I love hats made by independent hat makers like Brookes Boswell, but my wallet doesn’t agree. Buying vintage allows for the uniqueness and quality of those indie designers, but for a price that’s much more budget friendly. However, I do love supporting indie designers when I can, and usually it happens when I’m in need of footwear. Hats just isn’t an area where I like to get splurgy.

If you’re looking for a similar hat style, see here, here, and here.

what i’m wearing: vintage top and denim (similar crocheted top and jeans). basket, wovenfolk. clogs, no. 6.¬†


June 27, 2018

Some new (vintage) goods that I found in Minneapolis are slowly rolling into WOVENFOLK. I love each and every single one of these basket bags, and I really have to exercise self-control to not keep it all. My rule when buying for the shop is “If I wouldn’t wear, carry, or adorn my home with this, then I can’t sell it.” Every item is something I love and makes me want to dance, so you can imagine how hard it is to part with each piece, but my heart is happy and thankful that these carefully handpicked items get to live new stories and lives.

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June 22, 2018

Do you have your summer basket yet? WOVENFOLK was just updated with a fresh stock of baskets in the CARRY collection, and last week a collection of summer whites made its way to the WEAR collection.


May 30, 2018

Basket always in hand, but now basket on feet too. These basket shoes from Miista are pretty dreamy and make this basket loving gal dance. I’m so happy to have been introduced to this brand. They’re designed in London, but handcrafted in Spain. They have other shoes that look like baskets and I wouldn’t mind sporting those on my feet either.

My weekday uniform seems to be a white top and jeans. Not that novel of a uniform. And weekends are for dresses, though I’m sure that will change when the unbearable heat decides to make an appearance for the summer. I was never much a denim pants girl, but I’m finding as I get older, I’m loving them more and more. I have quite a collection of vintage denim pants that span a few eras. I don’t just stick to one particular denim style, but love my denim in all sorts of fits and cuts. Some days I’m in the mood for a wide leg, sometimes a bell, and other times a good mom jean. This blouse was a vintage¬† embroidered blouse I found recently. It was supposed to make its way to Wovenfolk, but clearly, never did. #thedangersofhavingashop

what i’m wearing: top, vintage (similar here). wide leg jeans, vintage (similar here). basket shoes, miista. basket bag, wovenfolk.


May 17, 2018

Wovenfolk not only carries baskets, but vintage clothing too. The addition of clothing was bound to happen as I love collecting vintage clothes. The shop gets updated weekly and these are just a few peeks of what is currently available. There is plenty more on the site and in a range of sizes too. The most recent upload are the cotton and linen tan blouses, and there will be more basket bags coming later this week. I love vintage clothes, but with a modern feel, and if I wouldn’t wear it myself, I wouldn’t put it in my shop. Sometimes, it’s so hard to let certain things go because I want to keep them for myself. Seriously, the struggle is real.

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