March 23, 2020

In an article I read last week, children were making rainbows and putting them in their front windows of their home to spread joy and hope during this Covid-19 pandemic. Children all over the world seem to be participating because we really are all in this together.

Rainbow template
Paper clip
12″ strand of yarn

1. Draw your rainbow or use the rainbow template as a guide.
2. Cut out your rainbow. There should be 3 pieces.
3. Paint your rainbow. Allow paint to dry completely before painting the other side.
4. Using a paper clip, straighten the wire and then fold in half and twist together to make your “needle”.
5. Tie a knot on one end of your yarn. May want to triple knot so it won’t go through the cardboard.
6. Thread your yarn through the “eye of the needle” and insert into the center cardboard of the bottom portion of the rainbow, working your way up into the top portion of the rainbow.
7. Knot your yarn to create a loop on top for hanging. Cut any excess yarn.
8. Hang in your window for all those who pass by to see!

The project is also shared on instagram (see here). And as always, love when you share it, simply tag and credit please (@rubyellenbratcher and #easyartaday). Thank you! 

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