sorry for the disappearance

March 2, 2009

I didn’t plan to take a mini-blog break, but it just happened as I have been sipping on cold chocolate soy milk and relaxing (kinda). I really need to get some chai tea to make my own chai tea latte! Thanks to those who told me how to make it. I am really bad at these tea/coffee things.
i love chocolate soy milk.
Seriously, another subject, but friends are the best. They give you little treats that just make you smile. My friend Jane gave me the cute mug/cup things from my favorite store. Really, you can’t go wrong there. I love them and it could be for Rubyellen Bratcher or Ruby and Ben… either way works for me.
r & b

I had a grand weekend. I hope you did too. My best friend and I met up with some of the gals I used to live with in London. Reminiscing is always fun! Then, the surprise party I have been planning with my middle seester for weeks now, finally came to fruition. It was for her “best friend” and he was quite surprised. Our family and his family (plus friends) was there, we should have just made it an engagement party, it would save us the trouble later! It was a fun party, will show more pictures soon.

Well, off to do some Monday morning cleaning before the girls wake and darn me because I forgot my point-and-shoot camera at my mom’s, so I am completely camera less for now. My shop opening will have to wait…
Happy Monday!

5 comments on “sorry for the disappearance”

  • I’ve been taking a little blogging break too and it’s been nice…Welcome back though! Those cups are adorable.

  • nathalie says:

    hey sweet thang!! loving the chai photos. i love chai lattes…..yumm!!!! sooooooo i have been busy…….duh…anything new? nope. i have to go study….so later gator!

  • Art Nest says:

    These are adorable~
    I have an ‘S’ from last years monogram teacup collection.
    Chai latte’s sound heavenly!

  • ~3iNnA~ says:

    Its nice to take a break from everything. As I get older I make sure I take at least 30 minutes of break everyday otherwise I get a nasty migraine. In between those breaks I make sure I make some tea or coffee and tea (the instruction of tea is on my blog…I didn't know you need info.)…everyone has their own version of chai making…or coffee…

    Beautiful mug!

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