wednesday: wrap it up

December 1, 2010

wrap it up
This week’s ingredient for wrapping is paper! We have all types in our houses I am sure, from newspaper to tissue paper to tons of old magazines lying around. Since we are sticking to utilizing supplies we already have, paper is something I am sure we all have in an abundance!
This first present was wrapped in some old sewing pattern tissue paper that I had on hand. I am always saving patterns, but never use them to sew, thus they are just stacking up collecting dust. It’s time I use them for something! It is really a thin tissue so you may have to use a couple layers to hide the gift, but the results are so cute. I added a cut out from a recent anthropologie catalog to create a little scene on the wrapping and top it off with a cute little velvet bow.
wrap it up

The next paper I used was some newspaper from last weekend. You probably don’t want the colored ads (or maybe you do), but I just used the plainest page I could find to use to wrap the gift. Again, I cut out some cute images I liked from an anthropologie catalog and glued them onto the newspaper. Makes the simple wrapping a bit more fun (and maybe to hide some news that just isn’t so interesting). The bows are some vintage ribbons that I have been hoarding forever.
wrap it up

This last gift was wrapped with torn out anthropologie catalog pages. One page was too small, so I had to use two (depending on the size of your gift you may need more). The page was festive and colorful already that all it needed was a simple velvet bow!
wrap it up
I am sure you all could recreate these wrappings easy! All it was is paper and just grab some of your old magazines or catalogs and start looking and cutting out cute images. Plus, I am sure most of you hoard anthropologie catalogs too cause they are just too darn pretty to throw away, so it is high time to put those stacks of paper to good use! I think their catalogs make such good wrappings, I first got the idea from one of my friends (thanks Jane!).
I was browsing through my local anthro last week and noticed they are selling items to aid in gift wrapping. I think their prices for it is a bit high (as you can find cheaper on etsy or your local thrift shop), but they are nonetheless adorable, so maybe you want to take a peek for some ideas.
Some resources:
vintage sewing patterns for the tissue paper
Another cute idea, is to wrap gifts using old fold out maps! I am sure your local thrift shop would have an abundance of these fold out papers. Any one have any suggestions of other types of papers that could be used for wrappings? Please do share!
wrap it up: yarn

14 comments on “wednesday: wrap it up”

  • old sheet music is cute too, i have found lots of it at the thrift store for cheap!

  • Michele says:

    i use brown paper bags that i save throughout the year and then you can add little designs on your own.
    and last year i used a lot of scrap fabric for wrapping and glued it down. (the opener had to use scissors, but it was still pretty!)(smile)

    i just haven't been able to cut into my anthro catalogs. they just look so pretty in their little stack beside the couch!


  • melindakimbo says:

    my idea of wrapping : get an old anthro bag. shove the gift in. cover it with the free tissue paper. TADA! 🙂 ha!

    please post pictures of the girls. wrap 'em up and post it! I miss themmmmm.

  • love all the ideas! i agree, why buy wrapping paper when our home are full of wrapping goodness?!

  • Jacki says:

    Absolutely love your ideas. Love your crafty blog here. Too bad my kids would just rip up these cute wraps without regard. But, so great for gift giving for others. Beautiful!

  • jane says:

    SUPER CUTE! love love love! 😀

  • Misha Lulu says:

    I like using magazines too beacause that way you are recycling, also fabrics is nice to use and buttons.
    I like when u made a tule bag for Bela's gift, that kind of fabric is so nice on a gift.

  • Ruth says:

    These are so imaginative! My favourite is the newspaper wrapping with catalogue cut-outs and ribbon. I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet but I am now determined to make my presents stand out this year! 🙂

  • Allison says:

    I love the sewing pattern tissue idea, and the butterflies you chose from anthro are just perfect.

  • ~3iNnA~ says:

    I had use cartoon newspaper for my niece and my brother love the idea. I also use those video tape or cassette tapes as ribbons, netting, wax paper, aluminum foil…almost anything. the possibilities are endless…

  • I wish I'd saved all my catalogs now! One year I bought a giant heavy roll of butcher paper but it ended up being way too thick and came undone on the gifts. (I still have this roll, btw). You are brilliant… as usual!

  • sugarmouse says:

    i was gonna pick a favorite but i realized i loved all three! HOW ARE YOU SO CREATIVE?! it's unfair… love love love your ideas, thank you for sharing!

  • Eleni says:

    Funny, I am always using wrapping paper for anything but wrapping presents (covering books/boxes, as wallpaper/artwork, etc) but I have never done it the other way around! Thanks for sharing, we could all do with a few more creative ideas at Christmas!

  • emily says:

    Great idea, my mom has tons of old sewing patterns. Looks like I don't need to buy any wrapping paper this year!

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