out to school: week 1 (year 2)

August 21, 2012

the first day togetherthe first day togetherthe first day togetherthe first day togetherthe first day togetherToday was their first day of school together… Brave was a ball of excitement and True was a ball of nerves. True is officially a first grader and Brave is a kindergartener. Last year, was an emotional drop off since it was our first time doing this, but this year was a bit calmer. No tears were shed. I think it has to do with the fact, though Brave wasn’t officially “in” school last year, she was right there learning everything that True was learning, so I kind of feel like she’s done this already.

I know. You’re wondering, “Wait. I thought you homeschooled?” I am sure I confuse you all the time. Yes, we homeschool, but they go to a local charter school once a week for enrichment classes with other homeschool kids. It is such a great program and I am thankful for our charter school system that provides this opportunity.

Bit of a conversation I had with Brave tonight…
Me: So Brave, what did you and True do when you saw each other at lunch time?
Brave: She showed me around and we talked.
Me: What did you talk about?
Brave: Where everything is.
Me: So, True showed you the ropes?
Brave: What ropes?

These girls make so many good memories together and are the bestest of friends that I am so happy that we had them back to back. It’s a lot of insane now with all of them, but so worth it.

on brave: dress, vintage. shirt, target. shoes, vintage via rachel’s pop up shop. on true: shirt, handmade. shorts, vintage. shoes, salt-water sandals.

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