July 25, 2018

It’s our 12th trip to the OC Fair and we were only there for barely two hours because we go to use the photo booth, take advantage of the read and ride program (they do book reports for two book and get 3 rides for free, per kids), and then we take off. We aren’t into the fair food and didn’t stick around to watch any shows, but we made sure to say hi to our friend at the photo booth. Half the photo booths are now digital, and she told us there are only a couple years left on the film booths. WAHHHH! I’m not sure what we’re gonna do once the film dies out. Do we keep going to continue the tradition or does the tradition die when the photo booths do? What do you think?

Here are some things I noticed about this newest family photo versus the previous years…

Ben and I broke the denim streak. I wore overalls because admission is free if you wear overalls on Thursdays.

Ben’s shirt is similar to 2008. His style is consistent.

I’m wearing a hat again.

Soul’s wearing the same dress as last year.

The baby kid, Glow, is always standing next to me.

I’m still always standing to the left of Ben.

Ben’s hair is so long that he has to wear a man bun. I don’t think he’s had a haircut for over a year.

Basket in my left hand again.

Glow’s got the same cute little bob she always gets for summer.

Anything stand out to you regarding this year’s photo? Read last year’s comparison’s here. I wonder what next year’s will look like.

2 comments on “THE OC FAIR TRADITION 2018”

  • Annamaria says:

    These are priceless! So precious! What a nice tradition. Where does the time go? Your girls are getting so big!

  • Abigail says:

    I love this tradition and these photos but I always find the years when you are pregnant, then have a newborn, then pregnant again SO EXHAUSTING! Just looking at them makes me tired for you! 🙂 I am pregnant with our 3rd and am a long time reader, I don’t think I ever mentioned it but thank you for sharing your hypnobirthing experience. That’s the route I chose for my first 2 babies and it helped to “know” someone who did it before I tried it out.

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