August 7, 2018

This has been a summer of letting go. It seems we’ve been in and out of town almost every other week, so the girls and I never got into a good unscheduled rhythm. If that makes any sense at all. Some projects that I wanted to work on with them, just hasn’t happened, and the priority right now is to purge and clean during the day (trying to get this done before school starts), and then we chill together at night. Usually, watching a movie, or lately, I Love Lucy (I just introduced them!), while we drink a banana smoothie. I’m on a mission to let go of a lot of stuff we don’t need in the house and make sure we only keep things we use. My office is probably the scariest room to go through because I have a lot of craft crap. That’s next on the list though, so it will get done. I’m determined. I love going to estate sales, and while I like finding something to bring home (or for the shop), it’s also sobering me up to let go of stuff. My rule for myself is if I bring something in, I move something out. It keeps things manageable. I don’t know how people held onto so much stuff. It’s insane the amount of stuff some of these people keep, so I’m trying to get ahead of the game and do a good purge now. I usually do it in the spring, but never had the time, so summer will have to do. Simplify and purge is my motto this summer. What’s yours?

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